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Discover What Women Want in Men and the 3 Things that Make Women Want You

If you think that what women want in men is money, or status, or looks, or a big one - or all of the above, think again.

What Women Want in Men: 3 Things that Make Women Want You

Some shallow women do, it's true.

But the type of woman with whom you'd want to have a solid, long-term relationship is after something deeper than that; it's commonly known as the inner game.

Good women want "good" men: men with a strong inner game.

Mature men who are on purpose, and have integrity.


Mature means you're a grown-up.

It means you're done with childish things like being cocky, complaining, casting blame and crying in front of women - these are among the things women dislike the most.

Next, let's take a look at the other two.

What Women Want in Men is to Have a Life Purpose

Women want to see that you have purpose-driven life. A life mission. Goals. Women want men with drive. Men who want to make something of themselves and their lives. Men who take charge of their life.

Just look at how women swarm around men with a passion - be it broke artists, business people who just start again from scratch, or political leaders on the run.

You think it's the money?

It's not. And it's not enough to know what women want in bed either.

Even if they are attracted at first by these, women soon lose interest in a man who doesn't have a life purpose and is satisfied with the way things are... A man who thinks that his steady job is good enough - after all, he's making enough money to pay the bills, the work is not too awful and the boss is OK.

What women want in men is to see some effort to grow.

So if you want to make women want you, stretch yourself - at least a little... start with sticking a toe outside your comfort zone - because you will never get anywhere new by staying in there!

What Women Want in Men is Stretching to Go Out of Your Comfort Zone

Women also want to see that you apply this growth.

Whether it's a new, more challenging job or a part-time business, integrating newly-acquired skills in your life tells her that you have ambition and drive.

Ambition and drive quickly separates you from all the wannabes out there.

Why are so many men today looking for comfort, stability, safety (a woman's values), more than wanting to make a difference and achieve?

Because, sadly, today more and more families are split and as usually mothers are the ones who get to raise the children, increasingly more young boys are lacking masculine role models in their family. As many good intentions a woman may have, she simply can't have those male values-forming man-to-man talks with her son.

If you've been reared by a father, you might remember these talks - haven't they made a powerful impact on your character and values in life?

A good woman that you'd like to spend the rest of your life with wants to see that you have a life purpose because a life purpose gives you a strong backbone, ambition and drive. Having a life purpose makes you respected by both women and men. You're a man who's "going somewhere".

With a purpose, you're a man who's interesting, able to attract (and keep) any woman you want.

What Women Want in Men is to Have Integrity

Integrity is the character trait that commands respect from other men and inspires women's trust and devotion. In fact, integrity is paramount in the alpha male behavior, which attracts women more than anything else.

Integrity means being completely unshakeable and centered… no matter what your woman says or how she responds to you. You're clear on who you are and what's important to you.

You treat others the way you want to be treated. You're doing what's right - even when nobody else is seeing you. You keep your word. You finish the things you start. You're honest - not 90% of the time or when it's convenient, but 24/7.

When setbacks happen, a woman is watching your response - are you the strong character kind of guy to sit down, look her in the eye, and say, Okay honey, let's work this thing out? Or, do you walk out and mind your own interests?

What women want in men is someone they can trust and feel safe with. Someone who is going to stick around and be there through the messy stuff too - because whether you like it or not, life is messy sometimes.

Believe it or not, a LOT of your dating success, relationship happiness and marital longevity comes from being in integrity as a man.

In fact, integrity is one of the 3 core foundations of the inner game of an Authentic Man (click the image below to find out more).


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