Uncensored Relationship Advice for Men Who Want to Make Her Happy, Get Her Trust, Respect & Deep Love

Are you looking for actionable relationship advice for men? Want to experience a solid, rich and fulfilling relationship with your woman instead of feeling misunderstood, trapped, inadequate, drained by constant conflict and puzzled about where it all went wrong?

Relationship Advice for Men Who Want to Solve the Relationship Puzzle

Then you're at the right place: a straightforward guide to making your woman fell special and cherished, to make her happy - without encouraging a one-sided relationship.

A place for men who agree that relationships don't work unless both sides win.

Intelligent men wanting to make sense of the alien gender. Strong men willing to make peace with the opposite sex.

Evolved men ready to experience life from a different perspective than that of macho jerks, "nice guys" or New Age wimps (male patterns programmed by decades of confusing economic shifts and chaotic social dynamics). Rather, a perspective open to exploration, constructive feedback and transformation.

Whether you are single and haven't found love, in a couple torn by constant conflict and drama or secretly afraid of losing your woman, the expert relationship advice for men on this site gives you practical solutions to your relationship problems. Here you'll:

  • Get the skills to find (and keep) the woman of your dreams
  • Discover how to deal with compatibility, trust, communication issues
  • Find out how to solve conflict, (re)build trust, make her happy and create the kind of attraction authentically escalating to great love-making

If you're wondering how others attract and keep amazing women, stop. Get here effective relationship advice for men and discover the secret of getting your woman to love, worship and always believe in you.

No chick-talk or girly tips here...

...nor generic relationship advice for both sexes - although you'll have to learn how to give your woman the kind of attention she needs - if you want her to trust you at the deepest level and fully open up to you.

Yes, you can be charming AND in control with the woman in your life - both at the same time. Single or married, young or mature, you want to be loved, which means a genuine appreciation for who you really are, right?

But today's reality is shocking: more couples are in hopeless, bitter relationships than ever before. In the U.S. alone, the divorce rate is more than 50% and 82 million singles are looking for a partner. Sadly, other places in the world are not far behind.

Are YOU part of the statistics?

This relationship advice for men makes a BIG difference

That's because - as men - we weren't provided with an instruction manual on how to interact with women. Believe me, we need one.

While women are taught from an early age how to seduce  a man, marry him and keep him around, most of us are trained to compete, achieve, and prove we're right in order to win. So while women are more skilled in feeling and sensing their partner's needs we, as men, are wired to think logically, mind our own business and achieve our own goals.

If you are like most men, you probably didn't learn how to focus your attention on your woman and understand how she thinks or what she needs to feel loved. Believe it or not, women's needs are different from ours!

You're well-meaning. You'd love to provide for your partner. You want to have a successful relationship, of course. But if you model the behavior you've seen around while growing up, that's not always going to work.

In fact, most of the times it doesn't.

That's why you struggle. But you don't have to.

The relationship advice for men you get here is changing all this.

Find answers to your questions about the compatibility with the woman you love and what are the secrets of intimate couples.

Learn what to do when your relationship goes bad, how to win back your lady and how to make her never want to leave you.

Discover how to surf the specific relationship stages, how to choose a life partner that's right for you, cope with a long distance relationship and keep the passion alive through the art of lovemaking.

Want to finally solve your relationship puzzle, understand what women want so you can bask in the glow of your radiant woman - forever in love with you? Then take a look around and start with what interests you most.

Not finding what you're looking for? We've created and are developing this site based on the topics requested by men like you--if there's something you can't find here, do let us know.

One more thing, before you go.

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"Your blog is really helpful, it gave me the tools I needed to seriously improve my marriage. THANKS!! Who knew these were common relationship problems."

Daniel - Liverpool, UK



"Your site has a lot of info I haven't been able to find anywhere else - in this easy to understand format, anyway. I've got a couple of ebooks you recommend here - they opened my eyes, made a great difference.  As a result, my girlfriend of 3 years started to call me again after four weeks of not taking my calls and not replying to my IMs... She even mentioned the other day that she may be willing to move in with me after the holidays. Thanks, guys!"

Chris - Toronto, Canada



"Thank you for your advice and encouragements. I really appreciate it! Love your e-zine too - short and to the point, thank you."

Rich - San Jose, California