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A Holiday Gift For You!
December 28, 2010

As the New Year approaches and holiday energy swirls around, we're taking this moment to THANK YOU for being part of our conscious loving community!

For us, the essence of the holiday season is gratitude and appreciation and a time to share these life's miraculous gifts through giving gifts...

So yes, we have a holiday gift for you... a Gratitude Tip and a special bouquet of wondrous-connection questions to ask your special lady in your life... You'll both open up to discovery and appreciation - two wonderful attitudes to experience this holiday season.

Here's the Gratitude Tip.

Take a stroll with your partner with the intention of thinking of as many things you are grateful for as you possible can - individually and as a couple. Can you get to twenty 'gratitudes' by the time you come back from your walk? More? Whether you come up with a dozen or ten dozen, it will be a walk she'll remember forever!

Question For CouplesAnd, give her the experience of feeling special and deeply connected to you by asking some magical questions:

  • What is the holiday memory you are most fond of?

  • What is the essence of the holidays for you?

  • What's your biggest New Year wish?

  • What are some of your big intentions for 2011?

  • How are you going to invite magnificence in your life over the next year?

Get this.

Falling in love doesn't require any skills. But to stay in love and build a solid connection with the woman you love you need to know each other well (while having fun).

Discover more questions that create a magical experience for both of you here


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That's it for this week (and year), we wish you a fabulous, full of fun New Year!!

We're taking a break for the next couple of weeks to celebrate and recharge for 2011 so we'll be in top shape to create and deliver more valuable content and tools for you :)

See you next year!

Serge & Isabell,
Editors of Men's Relationship Advice

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