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Relationship Puzzle Bits is Breaking the Silence!!
November 23, 2010

We are thrilled to connect with you (again)!

We haven't sent out this newsletter since last year... As members of the military would say, we've been Absent WithOut Leave - AWOL - an absence that can lead to court martial.

Hopefully, you won't be that punitive and take us to task, much less to trial ;)

Surely, our newsletter was not in the forefront of your mind - we get that. But as we return to regular publishing schedule, we hope you'll find its content worth the wait and won't miss an issue!

So, what will you receive?

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Well, let's get started with your first relationship coaching tip!

Want To Live Together Before Marriage?

Living together before marriage is a good way to test your compatibility as a couple (inside and outside the bedroom) and see if you can spend forever TOGETHER.

But, before you decide to move in together with your sweetheart, consider this.

  1. Get engaged first. Getting engaged and announcing it to your friends and family affirms your commitment and communicates to your lady that you are SERIOUS about your relationship.

  2. Put a time limit on living together before getting married. The shorter you live in this type of arrangement, the better your relationship forecast.


    Because right after you move in together, the power struggle (the second relationship stage) kicks in. Dealing with this difficult stage before your commitment level is full on is a sure recipe for conflict and FAILURE.

  3. Protect your children. You may consider avoiding living together before marriage if kids are involved - either yours or hers. Not only are they affected in the long-term, but in case of a breakup, your impact as a role model and authority as a parent diminishes.

Read more details about living together before marriage

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Serge Cohn & Isabell Tornni,
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