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Why You'll Want to Know about the 4 Relationship Stages!
January 18, 2011
Hey what's up,?

How's life in your neck of the woods? I'm doing well here - shoveling the white stuff keeps me in shape, it seems ;)

Here's a relationship tip I discovered that's been a lifesaver for me - it could be the same for you too.

Have you noticed how in any relationship you experience certain stages, including the relationships with your friends and colleagues? Well, in love relationships these stages are even more intense. Why? That's because your intimacy is so much deeper than in any of your other relationships.

And there's even more. These relationship stages are not only to be expected, but they follow a specific pattern.

So what are the four predictable stages of any relationship? And more importantly, which of these stages are you experiencing now?

1) Infatuation - also known as attraction, or romantic love stage
2) Power struggle, or common relationship problems stage
3) Cooperation, or transformation stage
4) Blissful relationship, or synergy stage

And here's the tip.

If during the second stage of power struggle (which is the most difficult of all stages), you or your partner avoid the required "growth" your relationship won't be a success. You either break off or decide to stay together for the kids, social or religious reasons, but live an emotionally numbed, turned-off life. You become alienated from each other and your sexual intimacy is gone.

But knowing that there's the growth option, what would you choose?

Refuse to go through the required change, lose your partner and start all over again with a new one - only to find yourself in the same situation in a few short months?

Or, consciously recognize your shortcomings, own your past 'wounds' and take the time to find yourself again - so to speak - so you can relate to your partner in an authentic and deeply intimate way?

Just think about it.

Want to find out the specific steps of this second route? Discover here what the transformation stage involves >>


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