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Here's How to Make Her Addicted to You!
February 01, 2011

Just dropping by to share a failproof strategy to make your lady literally addicted to you.

Backing up for a sec to my last week's list of top 10 signs of flirting... What'd you think of them?

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I always enjoy talking to "my people" - so please do hit me up, whether you want to ask a serious question or just chat for a bit :)

But now, let's talk about LOVE.

Want to bring under your radar one of men's most helpful books on this topic, you'll get a TON out of it.

No old, rehashed crap.

Gary Chapman's The 5 Love Languages - Men's Edition

The 5 Love Languages

, do you and your partner speak the same language?

Love language, that is.

It may come as a surprise to you, but each of us has a primary "love language". Unconsciously, we all express and want to receive love in different and specific ways:

1) physical touch
2) quality time
3) words of affirmation
4) acts of service
5) gifts (no need to be expensive)

Amazing how the brain works, isn't it?

So, do you know what your woman's (and yours) "love languages" are?

Are you doing lots of things for her and still ask yourself, "What if that isn't enough?"

Do you know for sure...

  • whether she craves focused attention - or regular praise?

  • does she really love holding hands, giving back rubs, and sexual contact?

  • how much does she value receiving gifts or your acts of service, like fixing a leaky faucet or cooking a meal for her?

So if you're confused about what really makes your partner feel loved and put out a lot of unrecognized effort to show love, this is what that is about.


And, HOW you express your love for her.

I'm telling you man, you ought to take a look at this eye-opening book.

You'll learn a LOT about filling her emotional "love tank" - so she will be more likely to respond in kind.

Now there's a catch. Speaking in your woman's love language might not be natural for you.

But as Dr. Chapman says, "We're not talking comfort. We're talking love. Love is something we do for someone else. So often couples love one another but they aren't connecting. They are sincere, but sincerity isn't enough."

The power and freedom this tool gives you is just MINDBLASTING!!

Whether you're happily married, unhappily married, single, or dating, hope you take advantage of this. Hey, you can even buy it as a Valentine's Day gift for her!

Picture her THRILL...

You should be able to find this book at any regular bookstore. If not, pick it up from Amazon right now >>


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Here's a big high five!

See you next week, I'll have some cool Valentine's Day ideas for you!

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