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3 Things Women Want on Valentine's Day - It's Not What You Think...
February 08, 2011

Valentine's Day is around the corner... How are you going to show your sweetie that you love her?

If you've had the chance to check my last week's tip about The 5 Love Languages book, you already know what type of 'love language' to use.

So what will you get her this year?

Valentine's Day Romance

A cute (or passionate) Hallmark card?

C 'mon, how many of these cards are still around after a few days??

Red roses?

They're allright, but hey, they only last a few days.


Gone in one yummy instant, plus think of what it can do to her thighs!

Lacy lingerie?

Do you ever get the size right?? And really, bunny ears?

Think about this.

Want to just meet your girl's expectations, or rather make this a Valentine's Day she'll NEVER forget?

I'd say you're better off avoiding these traditional BLAH gifts... and go for something she'll really TREASURE for a long time.

But what?

Do you know what your partner wants for this special day?

Jewelry? (think gold or, at least, silver)

A couple's massage or a weekend away at a spa hotel?

A trip to Vegas for a top show?

A getaway to Paris?

Who wouldn't be touched by such a gift? They're awesome experience-creating items, but you might spend a bit on those.

But creating an unforgettable experience for your sweetie on Valentine's Day doesn't mean you have to spend the rest of the year paying for it.

You might be surprised, but here are the...

TOP 3 Things Your Woman Wants on
Valentine's Day (plus surprise gift--see below)

1. A Show of Effort - she wants to see you've put some thought and energy into making her Valentine's Day special. Plan something that requires a little forethought, and preparation.

Like writing a GRATITUDE letter yourself (Why do you love her? How has she impacted your life? What does she mean to you?)

Or, cooking a special, 3-course meal for her and having her savor it... blindfolded (with your help).

Imagine her THRILL...

2. Proof You Listen to Her and Know What She Likes

Women drop clues on a constant basis in everyday talk. As a man, one of your most important jobs in your relationship is to listen to your woman.

For example, when the two of you are out shopping, she might see a bunch of tulips, and say "I just love tulips! Purple tulips are my favorite flowers." Pay attention, remember it, and use it now. Rather than buying her a dozen red roses for Valentine's Day (common), buy her purple tulips. Call up your local flower shop a few days in advance and arrange to have a 2-dozen purple tulips bouquet ready for pickup on February 14.

Now that's special.

There are many ways to make Valentine's Day memorable if you just listen.

3. Rrrrrromance

Now you may think romance is not for you, but look at it this way.

Your woman's readiness for sexual intimacy is proportional with how well you romance her.

Everything goes, from a candlelit bubble bath or a body massage with coconut/ almond oil to dancing naked in the dark or breakfast in bed.

But make sure you do it right. Romance includes the words you say, your body language, your surroundings. Get some candles, turn down the lights, and play some soft music to create a truly romantic atmosphere.

Romance means positive, heartfelt communication. Create romance by a deep level of connection and intensity. Look deeply into her eyes. Smile. Hold her hand. Make sure that your attention is 100% on your valentine, not the day's events or latest sports scores.

Want a great bunch of creative romantic ideas you can use on Valentine's Day (and not only)?

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, have a wonderful Valentine's Day and see you next week!

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