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Why should You Discuss Your Relationship Expectations With Her?
March 01, 2011

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Before I share today's relationship tip, let me tell you this bizarre thing I read this week.

Did you know that Harvard University studies show that, when domestic differences arise, it's usually the spouse who does the most talking who gets his (or her) way?

Do I hear you saying, I knew that ;)

Another study conducted at Stanford University demonstrated that, other factors being equal, men are as much as 50% more proficient than women in solving complicated problems. Duh!

The same study shows that in men, the hypothalamus (a small organ near the brain stem) is larger than in most women. When provoked, the hypothalamus heightens rage, thirst, hunger and desire.

This explains men's more rambunctious behavior, doesn't it?

I bet you just couldn't live without this piece of info to brighten your day.

Gee, who thinks up this stuff??

Now, to the meat of the message!

Discuss Your Relationship Expectations With Her

Relationship Communication

Believe it or not, unfulfilled expectations (yours or hers) always create tension, frustration, anger, complaining and - sooner or later - great relationship problems.

Don't fall into the trap of hoping the best for your relationship and believing that - merely expecting the best - everything will work out in the end.

It might not.

Hope is NOT a strategy.

What are your mutual expectations about living together, sex life, work, children, household chores, each other's family and friends?

What are your expectations for managing important things like finances, holidays and negotiating each other's needs and wants?

If you want to have a satisfying relationship, it is vital to clarify and share your expectations with your partner early on, as soon as you agree on being committed to each other.

A solid relationship doesn't just 'happen' - it never does.

If there are big differences in your mutual expectations, you have the chance to address them early on. This way, you avoid resentment or mistrust to build up.

Discussing the things that are important for both of you deepens the trust in each other and increases the emotional intimacy between the two of you.

And as you know, increased emotional intimacy always leads to increased sexual intimacy too!

As always, we'd love to hear your own relationship tips. Just reply to this message, and let us know what you think!


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