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For Your Relationship Success, this Works Like Crazy!
April 05, 2011
Hey there,!

I'm excited that you take time each week to let us into your life -- please feel free to write in and share any of your ideas on how to make this Ezine more meaningful to you - because we write it for YOU!

Hope you haven't missed my last week's recommendation - we got an unexpectedly high number of emails from our readers thanking us for providing this practical personal development resource for men, either single or in a committed relationship.

Here it is again: Personal Power: The Controversial Secrets To Creating Your Own Reality And Attain Limitless Powers

Click on this link now to learn how to accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to, attract and seduce the woman of your dreams with an irresistible charisma, enjoy red-hot passionate sex with her every single night, live a life of unimaginable wealth and perpetual affluence... and more.

And now, here's your Tip of the Week,:

Your Relationship Vision: For Your
Relationship Success, this Works Like Crazy

Do you have a relationship vision for you and your sweetheart? Or, if you're single, for you and the woman of your dreams?

Have you ever thought about how do you want your life with her to be?

Believe it or not, this is about consciously CREATING YOUR REALITY.

Single or with a partner, if you haven't created your relationship vision yet, take now a few moments to relax, dial in to what you want your love relationship to be and allow your vision to come out...

...bits and pieces, one at a time.

Picture yourself with the woman you love in various places, just the two of you or together with friends or family, enjoying the outdoors, each other and the sweet, intimate moments or electrifying interaction you want to share with her...

Relationship Vision Board

Here's a practical tip: to refine and reinforce your vision, create a collage, or a "vision board" - a powerful limitation-busting tool.

We all have limiting thoughts
and self-confidence lows at times, right?

So pick up a few magazines and select pictures of people, situations and places that trigger a positive emotional response in you making your heart beat faster.

Cut them out and glue them on a poster board writing a word here and there to personalize your collage.

Keep this relationship vision board where you can see it often and watch the powerful results - it will rock your world, man!

, I guarantee this is one of the most powerful inner-game tools on manifesting your ideal relationship you've ever seen.

Plus, this works amazingly well to figure out what you really want in the woman with whom you'll spend your life with - discover here more about choosing a life partner >>


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