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Is Your Woman Cheating On You?
May 11, 2011

Last time I promised we'd talk about being cheated on, a painful but very common issue these days. In fact, recent studies show that 45-55% of married women have extramarital affairs. But since married women tend to be quite secretive about this, the percentage is likely to be even higher.

And what about girlfriends? They are not bound by an official commitment yet, so they are even more likely to be unfaithful!

I know, if you're faced with her infidelity it's hard to think straight.

But here's what to do...

If You Discover Your Partner is Cheating on You

Important thing to remember: before you go off confronting your partner, make sure you get proof. Without proof, few cheating women will admit the truth... more about this in a moment.

Signs Of Cheating Spouse

First after discovering that she's been cheating on you, make her own up to her actions. Try to do this calmly to prevent drama - many women use drama to avoid answering incriminating blunt questions.

Second, reflect on the possible causes on your part: have you done (or failed to do) something to determine her to cheat on you? Have you been (unknowingly) pushing her away?

This is a good time to assess your own performance within the relationship, as sometimes this is a contributing factor.

Ask yourself this.

Have you been lately...

  • Too busy at work and neglected her?
  • Not showing her you're physically attracted to her?
  • Less appreciative towards her?
  • Too stressed or worn out to connect deeply with her?
  • Out of touch with your purpose and direction in life?

These are the most common reasons your woman isn't fulfilled and may be looking elsewhere.

Most women cheat with men who are self-aware and in control of their emotions, who are more determined, assertive but thoughtful and appreciative at the same time.

Yes, this is emotional intelligence - we're talking a lot about it on :)

Whether you like it or not, if you're unwilling to raise your emotional intelligence and, as a result, you aren't able to identify and acknowledge your woman's emotional needs, you are extremely vulnerable to be cheated on.

But, regardless of what might have triggered your woman to cheat on you, what are your options - once you've determined her guilt beyond any shroud of a doubt?

Well, you can either break up and move on, or forgive her - no set of useful tips can make that decision for you.

As someone who's been there, done that, here's my advice. If she's repentant enough and you truly love her, just admit your part in all this and forgive her.

Forgive her?? Are you crazy, man?

Wait! To forgive her doesn't mean you have to erase your memory of her actions or not feel the hurt - you will have to be very patient with yourself. After all, you are only human, and you need time to rebuild your trust.

Forgiveness is rather your decision to never, ever mention the incident again, even in passing.

At the same time, make sure she gets what she needs from YOU - especially at the emotional level - so she will not become tempted to look for it outside of your relationship ever again. Temptation is hard to resist, so be sure to do your part.

, I've said at the beginning that you need proof, remember?

You need hard evidence of her cheating, even when you think the signs are obvious. Take a look now to see how many of these 10 cheating signs can you identify >>

Next time we'll move on and talk about how to get real, hard evidence.


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