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Are You and Your Partner Compatible?
July 19, 2011
How's life treatin' you these days,?

Just dropping by to share a quick tip that will bring light and lift the confusion you may experience about any compatibility issues in your relationship right away!


Are You Compatible with
Your Partner?

Have you ever asked yourself if you and the woman you love are actually compatible?

Relationship CompatibilityNo, not in bed - this you probably figured out by now.

I'm talking about compatibility at a mental and - yes - at an emotional level.

I'm sure you agree that compatibility with your partner at the mental level - same preferences, beliefs and interests - makes it easy (and fun) to get along, right?

Well, believe it or not, emotional compatibility is important too.

I don't blame you for this quizzical and confused look on your face just now. I get it. You're a normal guy... clueless about your own emotional needs.

But whether you like it or not, when it comes to identifying your own and your partner's needs, you must learn new skills.


Because knowing and getting each other's emotional needs met, you fuel your relationship and build passion, deep love, happiness and a powerful sexual chemistry.

Getting your emotional needs satisfied really is the glue that keeps your relationship together.

In contrast, when your natural needs for being trusted, appreciated, accepted as a man (and feeling understood, respected and cared about as a woman) are neglected you become frustrated, resentful, lonely and disconnected from each other.

How long until starting to look for getting these needs met by someone else?

So remember this.

You and your sweetheart have different emotional needs. These must be identified and mutually satisfied if you want your relationship to last.

And there's more.

Beyond needs you have specific requirements too. Having or not having kids, settling down or traveling the world and other non-negotiable things like these.

It's a no-brainer that a lack of relationship compatibility is unsolvable.

If you want to discover what are your (and your partner's) needs and requirements find out more details here...


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