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Breaking News, and a Valentine's G*IFT
February 14, 2014
Happy Valentine's Day,!

It’s Serge from Men’s Relationship Advice.

True, I haven’t emailed you in a while – I’ll tell you why later.

If it’s too long since you’ve heard from me and want to unsubscribe for any reason - fair enough (unsubscribe link below). But you might want to wait until you’ve seen the 2 things that I’ve got for you today:

1) a G*ift for you on Valentine’s Day (f*ree download)

2) a super-quick piece of info that might interest you.


1) Download your Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her g*ift here:

If you want love that's hotter, sweeter, and sexier, make sure you use the tips in this little ebook (which is one of the most downloaded ebooks on our site).

2) went through a major facelift given by my partner, Alex: from its domain name (the new one is, to its look & feel, content and more. Although there still are new things to be added, like fresh content and articles, more free downloads and updates, overall I think Alex did a good job. (Alex’s grinning)

Go and take a look around:

I’ll leave you with Alex for the next while (will reveal a bit later what I’m currently working on).

That’s all for today, I won’t keep you any longer – after all, it’s Valentine’s Day ;)

Go download now Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her:

Have an awesome day,!

Yours truly,

Serge & Alex from - a Free Relationship Advice for Men Virtual Community

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