Attracting Your Soulmate:
Your Subconscious Healing Agenda

If you want to succeed in attracting your soulmate, first you must be able to recognize the revealing signs of a true soulmate connection.

Finding your soulmate is a rare gift; she will help you grow on all levels: personal, professional, emotional, and spiritual.

Attracting Your Soulmate

When you find your soulmate you feel an instant, special connection lifting your spirit to unknown heights.

Meeting your soulmate feels like a whiff of fresh breeze... you feel an instant chemistry, a special bond – similar with meeting a dearly loved, long-lost friend.

When your partner enters your life she fills your heart with an intense longing to spend the rest of your life with her... you feel finally whole... a fairy tale came alive.

These euphoric feelings - beyond anything you have ever experienced before - go way beyond the mere physical, sexual attraction!

When you are successful in attracting your soulmate, your life seems to acquire a new dimension, a new meaning. You feel an unfolding agenda of things waiting to be accomplished together. She makes you feel as though you have found the master key to all the closed doors of your mind and soul...

What would you do for such a love? How far would you go?

But invariably, after attracting your soulmate and after the infatuation stage is over, this romantic love seems to fizzle out. If you are like most people, you too start wondering what went wrong and when? Were you wrong in choosing your life partner?

When you understand the relationship stages and the deeper psychological aspects of attracting your soulmate you will see that this dynamic is perfectly predictable and normal, even necessary if you are to grow and evolve as a person.

A Deeper Understanding of Attracting Your Soulmate

You will be surprised to know that there is a profound psychological play behind the attraction between you and your soulmate and then gradually feeling the love fading away.

During childhood, everyone experiences incomplete nurturing, emotional hurts and unmet needs. As children, at one point or another, we all experienced damaged egos, unfair treatment, unacknowledged competency, abuse, feeling neglected, shamed, betrayed or controlled, fears of abandonment, judgment or rejection.

As adults, these emotional wounds set in motion a subconscious drive for emotional healing. They steer you towards attracting your soulmate with the optimal potential of helping you heal your emotional scars. A special someone who can help you complete your childhood and regain wholeness.

Moreover, the subconscious psychology behind attracting your soulmate makes you seek and attract someone whose similar needs YOU can fulfill the best. However, what your partner needs the most for healing, you are least able to give - until the part of your self once repressed, is now activated.

Conscious personal growth, raising your emotional intelligence and stretching beyond your comfort zone are required if you are to be a healer for them. As you apply advanced relationship principles, as you stretch to fulfill each other's needs, both of you restore wholeness and heal past emotional wounds.

Attracting Your Soulmate is Never a Random Process

For example, if your childhood has been introverted and you learned to protect yourself by suppressing your emotions, you are invariably attracted to someone who requires you to open up for her own healing.

If as a child you were needy or overly clinging, you will always attract someone who requires personal space and freedom.

If you learned to be emotional and create a drama each time you wanted attention from your caretakers, you will constantly attract a partner who will ask you to become more thoughtful and rational.

As you start to understand these psychological aspects of attracting your soulmate, you find it easier to cooperate with the mutual healing agenda. Rather than deciding to break your relationship and wipe out your chance for healing and personal evolution, you can choose to consciously collaborate with your partner.

Try to make her understand this concept as well - only then your soulmate connection will continually deepen, your physical and emotional intimacy will increase. 

Only then your relationship becomes an everlasting gift. 

Only then your emotional and spiritual growth gives meaning to all areas of your life.

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