IV. The Blissful Relationship:
The Stage Of Real, Unconditional Love

The stage of real love, or blissful relationship, is what follows after the winded journey of discovering each other and consistent personal growth for mutual healing in committed relationships. According to researchers, if you reach this ultimate phase of complete acceptance and love you are part of the lucky 5% of the couples who make it.

Much like the first infatuation stage, blissful love is full of joy, passion, fun, and deep physical and emotional intimacy. But unlike that phase of "no control and least awareness" you now live out your vision of collaborative partnership, deep respect, and true friendship.

If you have managed to negotiate the second stage of common relationship problems effectively and have made it beyond the power struggle through the third stage of redefining your partnership learning to be emotionally tuned to each other and creating a common, fulfilling vision, your relationship thrives.

In fact, the unconditional love, warmth and caring you experience make you feel safe, cherished, supported, and fulfilled at a deeper, spiritual level.

"After all these years, I see that I was mistaken about Eve in the beginning; it is better to live outside the Garden with her than inside it without her."
(Mark Twain)

Here's What To Expect In A Blissful Relationship

First, your needs as separate individuals are satisfied and integrated with the needs of your relationship; you easily maintain a healthy balance of togetherness and autonomy. In a blissful relationship you know what to expect from each other, you are both aware of your own shortcomings and do your best to overcome them in a mature way.

Blissful Relationship

You know you've been successful in attracting your soulmate and work together as a winning team enriching each other life's in a profound, meaningful way.

Second, during your blissful relationship you are likely to re-affirm your commitment, renew your vows, and have a second honeymoon.

You may even decide to bring a new dimension to your relationship and have a 'new child': i.e. a business venture, involvement in a worthy cause, or a common project.

Third, don't expect that there will never be hard times again, but now you both deal responsibly and constructively with any difficulty.

Now, you have no unreal expectations of your partner. You appreciate the good and accept the not-so-good.

Deeply bonded and connected, equipped with better skills and a well-developed awareness and wisdom, your approach to life is proactive vs. reactive.

Occasional - but inevitable - life crisis (major health issues, career changes, moving to a new country, financial downfall, the loss of a loved one) do not threaten or overtake your relationship because you are now able to mobilize quickly as a team and deal intelligently with whatever situation comes up.

Sometimes willingly chosen, other times forced life hardships further deepen your bonding and strengthens your blissful relationship.

If you manage to stay connected, encourage and support each other focusing on and being grateful for the positive aspects of such a trying period, your relationship will be the wellspring of peace, love and joy in your life.

Bottom line?

A blissful relationship NEVER happens by itself!

Just because your relationship feels disappointing and difficult, don't throw it away at the first bumps, or else you'll repeat the same patterns over and over again.

Be willing to grow, change, and evolve and learn how to make relationships work.

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