How does Apply the Chinese Horoscope Love Compatibility to You?

Are you or your partner interested in the Chinese horoscope love compatibility?

Its symbolism is a very practical and humorous way of understanding human nature. It has been used for generations to identify the chances of people being (and staying) attracted to one another.

If you are already familiar with the basics of the 12-year lunar cycle of the Chinese love horoscope, you'll find the relations between the signs easy to understand.

One of the most amazing things about Chinese horoscope love compatibility is the way you can relate the general characteristics of the 12 animals with the traits of the people born under that sign.

In addition to the animals used to reflect the year, month and time of birth, the Chinese Zodiac also includes the 2 polarities, Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) and the 5 elements: water, earth, fire, metal and wood. These are thought of in terms of energies more than tangibles and are used in conjunction with the 12 animal signs to reflect further personality traits.

Fascinating, isn't it?

The Chinese horoscope love compatibility is gauged according to the motivations and complementary traits of each sign. 

There are 4 groups consisting of 3 compatible signs each - signs of the same color on the compatibility chart below:

Chinese Horoscope Love Compatibility
  1. Rat, Dragon, Monkey
  2. Snake, Rooster, Ox
  3. Dog, Tiger, Horse
  4. Goat, Pig, Rabbit

These four trines are used to help you make the most effective life choices given your respective personal strengths and weaknesses.

For example...

1. The Rat, Dragon and Monkey are driven by success. They make great leaders capable of great good or great evil, but the three have different approaches to reach their goals.

2. The second trine of the Chinese horoscope love compatibility consists of the Ox, Snake, and Rooster - high moral standards team mates with great stamina that approach life through meticulous planning.

3. The humanitarian trine is formed by the freedom-fighters Tiger, Horse, and Dog - all three idealistic and impulsive in search for a worthy cause (or a true lover). Gifted orators, independent and aggressive towards any injustice, their highest priority is the quality of their personal relationships. They wither without extra acknowledgment and physical affection.

4. The fourth trine consists of the Rabbit, Goat and Pig - peaceful, refined artists and sensitive lovers enjoying a prolonged foreplay. Creative, caring, peaceful and prudent, they are willing to compromise for mutual happiness and are supportive and diplomatic negotiators.

According to the Chinese zodiac, the following signs are incompatible (they are opposites on the compatibility chart above):

  • Monkey <--> Tiger
  • Rooster <--> Rabbit
  • Dog <--> Dragon
  • Pig <--> Snake
  • Rat <--> Horse
  • Ox <--> Goat

But you have to remember this. Although the Chinese zodiac compatibility predicts your best matches, it is not totally infallible.

In fact, many couples enjoy happy, lasting relationships in seeming contradiction to the zodiac. Why? Because people who love each other constantly look for the best qualities in their partner.

If your current girlfriend or spouse was born under a sign deemed incompatible with yours by the Chinese zodiac, don't end the relationship based on that! Remember, compatibility based on the zodiac signs is meant to guide you, not dictate your choices.

But if you are single and looking for a life partner, use the ancient wisdom of Chinese horoscope love compatibility to discover your best match for a rewarding relationship. Don't you think it's worth to be smart about choosing a life partner with whom you are compatible and very likely to have a good life?

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