Choosing A Life Partner
Who is Right for You

How do you go about choosing a life partner who is right for you? How do you avoid bickering days and cold, loveless nights? How do you avoid a perpetual mutual toleration or bitterness and pettiness in your dealings with each other?

Choosing A Life Partner

How do you choose a life partner with whom you can be in the flow?

With whom to not only stay together for years to come, but keep love alive and fresh?

How do you choose someone with whom you can continue to grow, laugh, be surprised, and share your interests and ideas year after year?

Take your time in consciously and proactively choosing a life partner.

If you choose carefully and well, you will have a friend, a lover, a safe confidant, and a supporter. You will have a committed partner for life with whom you can share the ride of your love’s seasons and life’s miracles.

Choosing A Life Partner Starts With YOU

First, get clear about who you are and what you want so you can make a partner choice accordingly.

  • Who are you? What are you about? What are your values and what makes you ‘tick’?

  • What do you want? What are your relationship requirements and needs? What's the vision for your life?

Second, you have to choose a life partner who fits your vision and is compatible with your specific requirements and needs. You must also learn how to get your requirements and needs met in your relationship. If you fail, you will have only two options: live unhappily ever after, or leave the relationship. Not too tempting!

When choosing a life partner, make sure you are able to resist to the instant gratification impulse (sadly, so much encouraged in today’s culture) to react to the physical fascination natural in the beginning of any relationship.

Becoming involved sexually right away blinds you to the countless things that will eventually determine your relationship failure or survival. Becoming involved sexually too soon usually leaves a trail of wounded hearts.

Yes, sexual chemistry is an essential ingredient in a happy love relationship; but it is far from being enough to sustain a long-term relationship.

Want help in figuring out your vision, needs, requirements, and great insights on how to choose the right life partner for you?

Pick David Steele’s "Conscious Dating: Finding the Love of Your Life in Today’s World".

Choosing A Life Partner

The book is about making an informed choice for the right life partner in today’s increasingly complex world. It provides you with the necessary tools showing you how to use them to make better relationship choices, proactively.

The book contains advanced tools, concepts, and strategies not available anywhere else.

David’s expertise as a Marriage and Family Therapist who has pioneered the development of Relationship Coaching is second to none.

The down-to-earth assessments, exercises, and powerful questions in this essential book help you stop the confusion and frustration around choosing a life partner, attracting your soulmate, and creating a blissful relationship.

Go get Conscious Dating, it will open your eyes!

Tips For Choosing A Life Partner

Take the time to choose your life partner carefully and well. Make sure:

  • You know who you are and what you want in a relationship - your values, life vision and goals, requirements, and needs

  • Both of you have emotional intelligence skills and similar levels of commitment to making the relationship work

  • You choose someone who deals with people and circumstances in the outside world in a way you respect

  • You choose someone compatible with your own way of seeing life (worldly-oriented vs. spiritually-oriented) to avoid feeling isolated and misunderstood

  • You keep laughing with and surprising each other to keep the love alive

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