Personality Compatibility Match:
Exclusive Audio Interview Reveals which of the 4 Personality Types You Are & If
You are Love Compatible with Your Partner

Do you know if you and your sweetheart are a personality compatibility match? Find out which of the 4 personality types the two of you are and
how to best play to your strengths.

Impossible to ignore, a personality compatibility match is one of the best predictors of chemistry between you and your partner and of long term relationship success for you, as a couple. Believe it or not, beyond communication, your brain chemistry (which determines your personality type) even decides with whom you tend to fall in love.

How so?

Well, you might know that love chemistry is a combination of compatibility of sex drive, romantic love, feelings of attachment and personality type. But what you may not realize, is that miscommunication and misunderstandings are largely caused by a mutual lack of familiarity with the other's personality type.

The quality of your relationship compatibility determines whether you'll experience a lifetime of deep intimacy and happiness or of a complete relationship disaster.

The frustrating reality is that no matter how much you love each other, when you don't know how to navigate the differences in how you and your partner see the world, conflict and troubles are guaranteed.

But becoming aware of these differences, knowing how to best play to your strengths and becoming skilled at bridging the contrasts between your temperaments greatly increases your connection, intimacy and chances of having a successful long-term relationship.

So how to determine whether you and your partner are a personality compatibility match?

Compatibility Match

Find out this answer in a revealing audio interview with Dr. Helen Fisher, head researcher at the personality-based matchmaking site, who talks about the correlation between the predominance of certain chemicals in our body (dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, estrogen) and the four personality types, as well as their level of compatibility and how they get along.

For example...

  • Are you more creative, flexible, self-reliant, novelty seeking, typically impulsive and enthusiastic, looking for exciting experiences, a rule breaker and risk-taker?

  • Perhaps you're more fact-oriented, conventional, controlled, meticulous, loyal, practical, a concrete thinker who follows the rules and respects authority?

  • Are you highly competitive, analytical, focused, decisive, detail-oriented, straightforward - even blunt - and more emotionally contained?

  • Or are you rather empathetic, nurturing, trusting, diplomatic, imaginative, insightful, typically indecisive, looking for authenticity and patterns in people?

Regardless of gender or ethnicity, we all are a mix of these distinct personality types, but with one or two largely predominant.

Interestingly enough, each of these types uses with predilection a specific set of words to express their view of the world, so you'll find it easy to figure out which personality type you and your partner are by listening to Dr. Fisher's interview.

You'll discover a practical blueprint to easily understand not only which predominant temperament the two of you have (as well as your friends and colleagues), but also:

  • how good your personality compatibility match is

  • what excites both of you

  • how and when to best approach your partner with a difficult discussion

  • how to talk and which words to use so they'll listen and get your point

  • what to look for in a new relationship, mistakes to avoid and much more

Don't ignore this invaluable info, there's tremendous power in this!

But enough talk.

Click on the audio icon below to listen online this interview about the personality compatibility match, or right-click on the link and save the mp3 file to your computer so you can listen it on your iPod, at home or in the car.


Listen to interview

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