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10 Best Dating and Seduction Tips for Guys: How to Start Dating on the Right Foot, Have a Great Time with Your Girl and Avoid Her Dating Dealbreakers

Are you looking for practical dating and seduction tips to kick start your love life? Even when you meet a girl online, at some point you must get together face to face, in the real world.

10 Best Dating and Seduction Tips for Guys

Are you ready and well-prepared?

Check out below 10 best dating skills for evolved guys (top factors of attraction and seduction with any woman), to see where you stand. 

Use these 10 best dating tips and you'll quickly build her desire to be with you for a long dating relationship.

This bit of dating relationship advice comes in handy especially when you try to figure out how to start dating and how to have a rewarding and healthy dating relationship.

So let’s get down to the two types of things women are looking for (mandatory character traits and specific factors of attraction and seduction) - a.k.a. the 10 best dating MUSTs for men:

Dating and Seduction Tips: List of Character Traits Women Require in Men

1. Be honest: Share your relationship expectations with her - be clear on and share with her the type of dating relationship you’re interested in: recreational dating for fun and meeting some social needs or a committed, long dating relationship where you explore your chemistry and compatibility as life partners?
Whatever it is, make sure you’re both on the same page – it would be unfair to have different things in mind, don’t you think? I bet you agree that honesty is very high on the list of character traits required for any healthy dating relationship.

2. Be true to yourself: Walk your talk. Act in accordance with who you are deep down, with what you believe in - rather than what others expect of you. Don't try to conform to how your girlfriend thinks you should be. Don't do things or pretend to be someone else for the sake of gaining her acceptance. Yes, it takes courage to stick to your values, your mission and purpose in life even when she tries to steer off your path (women always "test" you - subconsciously, of course), but courage is mandatory for any  man.
Staying true to yourself doesn't mean to be rigid or inconsiderate; it means to not abandon what's really important to you just to please her - or she’ll lose her interest and respect towards you pretty quickly!
When you
maintain this kind of self-integrity and s
tay true to your path, a woman knows you are a good man. She senses she can trust you on a deeper level. She knows that if she can’t shake you off your path, you’re like a steady rock in the sea, always strong and dependable when life gets tough (it often does).
Of all dating and seduction tips, this is perhaps the hardest to apply – but it certainly pays off!

3. Be curious:
Take the time to really get to know her. Look for any crumb of information you can take to determine (in)compatibilities early on. Is she a morning person or a night person? Is she an animal lover? If yes, is her attitude... "if you love me, you have to love my dog/cat/fish/parrot/rabbit"?
Does she like urban settings or is she more of a countryside girl? What's her idea of a fun day? Does she like traveling? What are some dream destinations?
Is she a vegetarian or a raw food lover? Is she into politics? Community projects? Sports? Working out? Dancing? Yoga?
Ask about her preferences: what is it that she absolutely can't stand, what she likes to do for fun... and how important is it for her to share the same activities with you?
What kind of books/TV shows/movies/music does she enjoy, what foods does she (not) like... There are many more fun questions for couples to look into - so you don’t make a faux pas or worse, stumble upon one of her dating dealbreakers.

4. Be proactive:
Typically low on men’s lists of dating and seduction tips, being proactive is pretty high on women’s list of character traits that they appreciate in men. They are part of the Alpha Male behavior – you already know this if you’ve done your homework on finding out what women want
Not perfectly clear on what does it mean to be proactive in the context of dating? Well, it means to plan your dates in advance and have a few options available to present to her so she can choose a preferred one. Research in advance possible venues, fairs and local shows to take her to. A couple of different places to go on a weekend. Two or three restaurants you could go to at night. Stay informed with what’s happening where and with what your girl enjoys the most, so you can be better prepared next time – especially in a long dating relationship.

Dating and Seduction Tips: Powerful Factors of Attraction

5. Get good grooming habits: Believe it or not, a poor personal hygiene is one of the earliest dating dealbreakers for most women, while looking well-groomed and sharp makes a great impression on any girl!
Before every date, shower, brush your teeth, floss, use a moisturizer for your lips if you need to, shave (or trim facial hair) and use a nicely scented aftershave (not too much).
Insider tip: use a high quality shaving cream like Taylor of Old Bond Street for example, and you don't need any moisturizer/aftershave - its amazingly rich and masculine sandalwood scent is a turn-on for most women. (Even if you don't shave, you can use it as a skin softener and for its enticing scent.)
Dress appropriately for your age and the occasion and choose clothes that you feel comfortable in. Don’t be a snob; women are put off when you name-drop designers or mention price tags.

6. Give her your full attention:
Turn your phone off or put it on silent at the start of the date. Not on vibrate. Off. You can check your messages later on. You'll never see an Alpha Male talking on the phone while on a date! This is one of the most basic dating and seduction tips - few things are more offensive for a girl than you checking your mobile, texting, or – even worse – taking a call when you’re on a date (an exception would be if you’re expecting an emergency call – just make sure you tell her about it at the start of the date and make sure it stays an exception).

7. Learn to "get" her body language:
Any solid dating relationship advice encourages you to learn to recognize a girl’s signs of flirting and act appropriately. Why? Because getting skilled at reading her body language is vital in picking up tons of unspoken messages! In fact, it's key in communicating with her at a deeper level.

8. Develop good conversation skills:
A good conversation makes or breaks your dating life – that’s why this is one of the must-implement ASAP dating and seduction tips. Get skilled in how to talk to girls, how to make her laugh and how to compliment her - without being phony. Being authentic is a big turn-on for women!
Having a good conversation is so important for a woman that it is on the 10 best dating skills to master – if you want to make your interactions with women easier, more rewarding and joyful, make sure you get really good at this!

9. Use the power of "Now”:
Create memorable experiences for her in the now - in the present moment - rather than re-experiencing memories. While revealing yourself and asking fun questions about herself and her past is important, don’t limit your encounters at that - keep a good balance between creating vs. sharing memories.
Go out - experience and interact with LIFE – do something ordinary (go shopping, watch children playing in the park, go to a flea market) or do something different (go on a trip, to the Zoo/Aquarium, a carnival, food fair, art show or sporting event).
You get the idea - the point is to avoid always sitting in a bar, restaurant, at your (or a friend’s) house and allow her to discover the real you – this creates a much stronger bond, faster.

10. Learn to be romantic:
Failing to be romantic is another one of the dating dealbreakers for many women. Why? Because behaving in a romantic way makes women feel special; all women want to feel special. So if you want to seduce your lady you have to create romantic moments now and then. You can never romance a girl too much. Being romantic proves her that you care, that you want to make her happy and that you know how to treat a woman right. Romance will take you a long way in seducing your lady, so make sure you have an arsenal of romantic ideas for men.

These 10 best dating and seduction tips are the “B” component in the A-B-C formula for a happy, long dating relationship - if you haven't done so, check these vital dating relationship tips for men.

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