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5 Little-Known Dating Mistakes Men Make and How to Correct Them to Build Powerful Attraction with Women

Curious about the worst dating mistakes men make with women - without even realizing it? Discover below the top 5 major ones and specific mistake-proof tips.


Men aren’t the only ones making dating mistakes - women make mistakes too: they play games, they often think it’s ALL about them, they try to get a man hooked and limit his freedom, they focus on a guy's "potential" trying to force change and improvements on him - these are common dating mistakes women make with men.

Please consider this carefully. Making mistakes is natural - all humans err; but it’s the "correct and continue" attitude that sets you apart from perpetual losers, enabling you to build a successful long dating relationship with the woman of your dreams.

You might be guilty of one or more of these dating mistakes just because you are shy, inexperienced with women and relationships or simply too eager to please the people around you.

But get this. You can always correct and continue.

Believe it or not, these dating mistakes are dating dealbreakers for most women.

But you don’t have to be a casualty.

You can make the best of this free dating advice for men like you, who want to experience healthy dating relationships.

So which of these top 5 dating mistakes men make on a regular basis are YOU guilty of?

Dating Mistakes Men Make: #5. Fairytale Expectations

Once you are dating the woman of your dreams you’re assuming that you’ll “live happily ever after” - without any effort (or change) on your part.

Dating Mistakes Men Make: Fairytale Expectations

Well, get this. Nothing’s further from the truth!

In fact, one of the most important of all dating relationship tips is this: having fairytale expectations is a guy’s archenemy.

A long dating relationship is an unending journey of self-discovery and self-growth.

After all, happiness is an inside job: to be happy we must grow; to grow we must stretch.

How to adjust your fairytale expectations to a more realistic approach?

First, you need a reality check - learn about the dating relationship stages - you'll find a lot of solid dating relationship advice.

Then, you must brush up your inner game skills and learn how to make relationships work - especially when you’re dating again after divorce.  The fastest route? Consider AMP - a specialized dating and relationship coaching for men like you >>

Dating Mistakes Men Make: #4. Sexual Focus

One of the most offensive dating mistakes you can make is to be attached to a sexual outcome rather than being focused on connecting with a woman at a deeper level.

Dating Mistakes Men Make: Sexual Focus

But your (potential) achievement will be short-lived, since a constant focus on se*x is one of women's top dating dealbreakers. As soon as she realizes you’re just playing her for sex, she’ll dump you with a lame excuse.

Also, don’t base the success of your dating relationship on your sexual motivation alone - unless you date just for fun and don’t plan a committed, long dating relationship. (if that’s the case, simply ignore the rest of this tip.)

Don’t get me wrong – sexual chemistry in relationships rocks!

But no matter how amazing sex is, your sexual motivation will disappear with only a couple of unmet relationship requirements or when the first common relationship problems emerge.

Stop for a moment and think about this.

Would you rather be somewhere else than right there with her after having sex? Then you’re simply wasting your time (and your seed).

The way to correct a blinding Sexual Focus?

Keep in mind that while good sexual compatibility is necessary, it is NOT enough for a quality, rewarding relationship. When the infatuation stage dissipates you need something solid to rely on: a real connection and a good relationship compatibility – beyond just sex.

Dating Mistakes Men Make: #3. Scarcity Thinking

You think that finding the woman of your dreams is not possible, that “it won’t happen for you”. Or, you’d been in a relationship and think, "What if no one ever loved me again?”

Dating Mistakes Men Make: Scarcity Thinking

You may live in a smaller community with not too many options.

Or, you consider dating again after divorce and feel limited by additional responsibilities or by your age.

Whatever your specific situation, you think that you have to take what you can get - or be alone.
So you settle for less than you really want.

This kind of relationship is doomed from the start because you are soon resentful and unmotivated to do the work required for any successful long dating relationship.

How to bust this scarcity thinking?

Stop limiting yourself to what seems available to you.

Don’t settle for less than what you truly want. In this day and age, looking for love online is just a few clicks away – there are literally hundreds of thousands of ladies out there, you’ll surely find the right woman for you.

Make a list with the qualities you want in a woman, assume abundance and follow your heart. Make the decision to create what you really want in your life and become the Authentic Man you’re meant to be! (That’s one of the most valuable dating relationship tips when it comes to kickstart your life.)

Dating Mistakes Men Make: #2. Trying Too Hard

You feel that you are not worthy as you are and really want to be in a relationship.

Dating Mistakes Men Make: Trying too Hard

You pursue relationships hard (because you feel incomplete when you're not in one).

You're kind of desperate and think that a woman - “the one” - will bring happiness and fulfillment to your sad life.

You hope that she'll make your life better and that having her in your life will make you feel “complete”.

This mindset always backfires - low self-esteem is unsexy and unattractive; in fact, it’s among the major dating dealbreakers for most women.

Even if you’re able to mask it in the beginning and start dating a woman, sooner or later she sees through you and feels used. At this point, she either dumps you leaving a big hole in your heart or uses you as well (for your money, social status, or whatever) – and that’s when your relationship becomes codependency.

As you can imagine, all this can’t go very well – it’s a sure  recipe for relationship hell.

How to correct the trying-too-hard dating mistake?

There’s really no way around this. You must build your self-worth, improve your self-esteem by focusing on the value you bring to the world. Start demonstrating emotional competence with the women around you. I encourage you to consider getting some expert relationship advice - here are 6 tips to get you started >>

Dating Mistakes Men Make: #1. The Nice Guy Syndrome

Stemming from the #2 above, the Nice Guy syndrome affects every area of your life - not just your dating; we address it here because it's a dating mistake that makes women keep you in the dreaded "friend zone".

The Nice Guys syndrome has been getting increasingly more attention in the past decade since it's been brought into full light by Dr. Robert Glover's eye-opening  No More Mr. Nice Guy.

Dating Mistakes Men Make: The Nice Guy Syndrome

Graceful people-pleasers characterized by a charming chameleonic personality (adapting easily to fit people and situations around them in order to gain attention and acceptance), Nice Guys are very friendly, caring and supportive, always giving, giving, giving.

They're going to great lengths to make things right for everyone (especially women) and to keep the peace, because they avoid conflict.

They constantly put others’ needs and wants before their own, because they resent saying “NO”.

Rather than having male friends, it’s common for Nice Guys to gravitate around females; they always make themselves available, don't mind to drive them around, offer emotional support when a shoulder to cry on is needed and generally spend a great deal of time and effort to "fix" women and make them feel good.

Symptoms sound familiar? That’s okay. Awareness is the first step in targeting the problem.

But what’s wrong with being a Nice Guy, you ask?

Well, several things.

Nice Guys don't have a strong sense of self; they have weak personal boundaries. They are dependent on external validation (subconsciously of course, because deep-down they don’t like themselves very much - if they only knew how magnificent they are!).

Fearing rejection more than anything else, Nice Guys are actually controlling and manipulative, trying to get people to like them. Sacrificing their own personal power, they're unclear about what they stand for, about what they truly need and want. They fall easily into the victim trap, waiting for things to happen for them rather than making their own way; others often see them as push over guys.

But think about it. Put yourself in a woman’s shoes - would YOU want such a partner? Could you respect a doormat? Could you love someone you don’t respect? Why would you be interested in a long dating relationship with a Nice Guy?

From all dating mistakes men make, being Mr. Nice Guy is on top of dating dealbreakers for most women.

That's it! No More Mr. Nice Guy!

But how to overcome the Nice Guy syndrome? For clear steps and tools to break free from it, check these dating tips for Nice Guys.

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