Dirty Talk Ideas: the Language of Lust to Skyrocket Your Sexual Intimacy

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Dirty Talk Ideas & Uncensored Language of Lust: How to Talk Dirty & Drive Your Woman Wild Tonight
(without laying a single finger on her body)


Would you like to get several dirty talk ideas and language of lust examples to stimulate psychologically any woman like no one else ever has? You’ve surely heard that for women, sex starts in the brain, right? Want to ramp up the sexual energy – regardless of how "big", how well-built or how skilled you are?

Well, whether you're single, married, tall, short, handsome, old and everything in between, here you can find specific dirty talk examples, dirty talk mistakes to avoid plus, a rich resource of naughty dirty talk phrases that makes you almost-magically MUCH better with women (literally overnight).

Dirty Talk Ideas to Drive Her Crazy Tonight

First, let me ask you this.

Do you know what to say if your woman asks you to use dirty talk with her?

You know, saying erotic words in the heat of the moment to awaken her raw sexual hunger for you.

Okay, you may be texting her sexy messages during the day.

But what I'm talking about here is different. Because the "language of lust", the kind of highly arousing dirty talk phrases we're talking about here is - believe it or not - what women really crave to hear (and they might not even know it).

Well, it may seem pretty easy to start using all kinds of dirty talk lines with your partner since it turns her on, but do you know the difference between good and bad dirty talk? Because you'll want to use these right dirty talk ideas - a.k.a. the language of lust to spark the passion in your relationship, NOT turn your sweetheart off with the wrong words.

Here’s how to talk dirty using the "language of lust" (without sounding slimy or offending your partner). Tell her things like...

  • My goodness, you are sexy. Do you have any idea how much you turn me on?

  • I’m craving your skin...

  • Guess what I'm thinking about? All of the ways I'll make love to you tonight

  • Thoughts of you have me so distracted today. I’m thinking of so many deliciously naughty things...

  • My heart is pounding thinking about what I’m going to do to you next time

Warning: Avoid these Dirty Talk Mistakes

Wanna know the three most common mistakes guys frequently make when they use these dirty talk ideas? Here they are...

  • Using too rough dirty talk phrases too soon in your relationship, before getting to know her well enough to figure out what she might like

  • Talking dirty to a woman without having a “sexual context” with her

  • Using dirty talk in a phony way annoying her, rather than turning her on.

Once you avoid these pitfalls, there’s really no reason to be afraid of using sizzling dirty talk lines during sex – after all, you know that what women want in bed is a well-trained tongue and a man who can lead them into leg-shaking orgasms.

So remember this.

The secret of explicit language of lust is in the right mix of...

  • the specific words you use
  • when you say them, and
  • how you say them - to get your partner to feel that you really mean them.

Now before moving on, if you want to discover how to make your woman squirm with desire for you every. single. time... take a look at this video >>

Two More Dirty Talk Ideas: How to Role-Play Your Way to Giving Her…

...the most erotic, wildest sexual experience of her life.

1. Be Her Casanova Tonight

Of course, you’ve heard of Casanova, the romantic Italian guy who made women swoon with his words and his personality. Modern day interpretation of his conquests made him seem like a shallow playboy who romanced women to get in their pants.

We are not going to dwell on how Casanova’s character and wit were soiled by pick up artists and the like, but we are going to delve into what really made this guy famous: he knew how to talk dirty to women!

Scenario: While she’s getting ready for bed and in front of the mirror, hug her from behind, press your stiffening member on the crack of her butt and cup her breasts gently, while you say, "Do you know you look absolutely beautiful when you c*um? I’m going to ride you hard tonight just to see you moaning and groaning under me".

How to play it up: While you’re on foreplay, go slow as you lick her ears, her lips, her breasts and her torso.

Use more dirty talk phrases like these right before you start to make love: "In a few minutes, I’m going to suck your wet pu*ssy until you c*um. But first let me have my fill of your sexy body. I’ve been craving for you all day".

When you’re not using your tongue and lips on her skin, say words like... "delicious", "so soft", "damn, I love the feel of your skin!" – she’ll literally melt in your arms!

2. "Mister, Can You F*uck Me Like a Whore?"

Stranger sex role-play is an awesome sex fantasy, no wonder it’s so popular!

Imagine yourself losing your inhibitions, and just letting go with someone you will never see again. This idea is particularly kinky for women, whose social programming is a lot stricter than yours, as a guy.

Scenario: While you’re both preparing for bed, tell her you want a stranger sex role play tonight, and she should call you "mister". The key to this is timing; when to act like a stranger and when to start talking like one.

How to play it up: If she gets too excited to role play effectively (she giggles, laughs at you and blushes), then you can start. Approach her as she’s brushing her hair or putting on her night gown and say, "Hello miss, I have something you might like". Then, take her hand and press it against your stiff member and kiss her passionately. At this point, she would say, “Mister, can you f*uck me like a whore?”

With stranger sex, you can employ more exotic sex positions and dirty talk ideas that you won’t normally use; rougher dirty talk phrases won’t feel so crude. It’s like having a "permission slip" to use dirty talk lines like "suck harder girl, you know you want it", or, “you want me to f*uck you harder"  with a butt slap while you’re on doggy - all this without worrying that she’ll be offended; after all, you are strangers!

How to Talk Dirty without  Embarrassing Yourself

As you can imagine, there's much more to dirty talking than just the words you say!

Sexual talk should be fun and light. Don't use too adventurous phrases like in the dirty talk examples above when you are making love the first time, don't take things seriously and never read too much into a fantasy. Sex fantasies are just fantasies; they aren’t real and they don't have anything to do with who you are in real life.

Whether innocent or hardcore, using dirty talk phrases before or during love making is a very intimate secret that you share with your girl - your closeness will skyrocket because you share this secret.

You may even start making love more often because of this heightened sexual intimacy.

The Language of Lust & More Dirty Talk Ideas

Of course, everybody knows that women like to feel adored. But here’s a secret few men know: nothing makes a woman feel more sexually aroused than knowing how turned on she's making you. When you verbalize your desire she feels validated. Your words of lust make her desire you more.

Wondering why words work better than actions on women? Well, as my friend Lawrence Lanoff, author of The Language of Lust says, “sex happens in the body, eroticism happens in the mind”.

And, women are turned on by eroticism. For them sex starts in the mind.

The Language of Lust is your way into your woman's mind and into her emotions.

Language is the ultimate sexuality hack.

The best part?

When you get the basic principle behind the Language of Lust you don’t need to know what your girl likes or what she doesn’t like.

You'll know how to engage her imagination every single time. It'll work on any woman because you'll know how to do it right.

Discover the Language of Lust: Get Dozens of Dirty Talk Ideas to Drive Her Wild Tonight!

Discover the Language of Lust & How to Talk Dirty (the right way)

You get a ton of Winning Phrases and dirty talk ideas to blow her mind, along with the dangerous Failing Phrases to avoid at all costs when you get Lawrence's program.

Listen, there's so much bad advice out there for guys like you. Some of it downright slimy, manipulative, and unethical.

A smart guy knows better. Check out this video my friend Lawrence put together for men like you >>



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Dirty Talk Ideas & the Language of Lust to Skyrocket Your Sexual Intimacy

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