Want to Learn about Finding The G Spot? Here's How to Get Skilled at G Spot Stimulation

As soon as men started talking about finding the G Spot, the whole world started wondering if it even exists! If you're ready to learn about finding it and how to correctly stimulate it for pleasuring your partner to the tears, let's get down to it!

Finding The G Spot

The Gräfenberg spot or the G spot goes by many other names: the clitoris' butt, the tail of the clit, the tiny spot near the urethra, the inner erogenous zone and the magic button ;)

Women know about this spot because the extreme pleasure they feel during G spot stimulation is very different from the usual. However, they don't know exactly where it is located. 

If women themselves are at a loss on how to start finding the G spot, is there a way for men to easily look for it?

You bet! Here are some suggestions.

Experiment with Love Making Positions

Ask your girlfriend what her favorite sex position is and you're one step closer to finding the G spot. Why? Because its exact location varies, depending on the woman. Some girls like doggy style because intercourse feels different in that position. Some sex positions allow your direct G spot stimulation, and inevitably induce the squirting, screaming orgasm that your partner wants to experience.

Its general location is just inside vagina, behind the clitoris, so you must choose sex positions that will allow you to touch that spot. One man's technique may not work for another because of differences in penis length, width, shape, stiffness and head size.

Keep experimenting with different love making positions until you find the perfect 'G spot massage' position that will rock her world. Above all, try doggy style and its many variations. Thrusting from behind means the tip of your penis will hit the front part of her inner walls more often. You can also try the missionary position and its variations.

Come-Hither Fingering

You know that hand signal you use when you want to ask someone to move closer? Good; this is also a technique you can use when looking for the G spot. While you're fingering your girl, crook your fingers gently upward so that you're touching the upper part of her vaginal portal. Look for a ridged spot, or a rough patch that feels different from the rest of the soft muscles surrounding your fingers.

Do this while you're eating her out so that she's completely aroused. Her whole vaginal area, the clitoris and the G spot become engorged when she's really aroused, so you have a better chance of finding the G spot.

The G spot is embedded in a small patch surrounding her urethra. This is called urethral sponge, and it bloats when she's aroused. During orgasm, the pressure is released and your partner squirts - but only if you give her a G spot orgasm!

Observe her Moans

One guy confessed his shock at his girlfriend's reaction when he found her G spot. "She screamed like a banshee", he said. A woman reacts strongly during G spot stimulation - either accidental or intentional. Watch out for louder moans, sudden scratching, and changes in behavior, like dirty sex talk.

If you've been at it for a while, and you still cannot find the G spot, don't despair!

There are more men like you who have not yet found the mysterious love button inside their woman's vagina. However, you're probably one of the few who really care enough about their partners to be interested in better love making and finding the G spot.

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