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Free Link Exchanges:
Want to Exchange a Link with Us?

We’d both win! Free link exchanges are one of the best ways to increase popularity on the net and organic, targeted traffic.

Your site must be highly relevant to our men audience. It should:

  • provide valuable information, products, or services that enhance men’s quality of life;

  • be free of selling hype, unsightly/flashing advertising, indecent, political, violent, racist, religious, or otherwise offensive content.

We reserve the right to refuse any link submitted for placement on our web site. We will NOT link with sites that would link back to us from among dozens other links on your page.

If your site qualifies for free links exchange with us, please use the form below. Tell us from what page of this site you'd like to link to your site. Also, what page of your site would link to our site.

We'll only link to another web site that follows the above requirements. Please respect your time and ours by following these simple guidelines!

Thank you.

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"Your blog is really helpful, it gave me the tools I needed to seriously improve my marriage. THANKS!! Who knew these were common relationship problems."

Daniel - Liverpool, UK



"Your site has a lot of info I haven't been able to find anywhere else - in this easy to understand format, anyway. I've got a couple of ebooks you recommend here - they opened my eyes, made a great difference.  As a result, my girlfriend of 3 years started to call me again after four weeks of not taking my calls and not replying to my IMs... She even mentioned the other day that she may be willing to move in with me after the holidays. Thanks, guys!"

Chris - Toronto, Canada



"Thank you for your advice and encouragements. I really appreciate it! Love your e-zine too - short and to the point, thank you."

Rich - San Jose, California