Free Zodiac Compatibility Tips for
Six of the Most Confusing Signs

Here are free zodiac compatibility tips to clarify the symbolism of the most complex signs and better understand the compatibility of horoscope signs.

Most astrology experts agree that the most confusing of all the horoscope signs are Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and the zodiac's twins - Pisces and Gemini, so we'll look at these to help you out if your partner is one of these signs.

Free Zodiac Compatibility Tips - Virgo

The Virgo symbolism is perhaps the easiest to understand.

The symbol is a virgin who knows nothing about masculine wiles. This doesn't exactly translate well for all women, but the more intuitive ones instinctively know the symbolism is appropriate.

Free Zodiac Compatibility

Make sure you don't tease a Virgo girl about her purity. In fact, you must refrain from talking about animal lust with her and avoid dirty sex talk, as most Virgo women are prudes who won't tolerate trashy references to sex.

Free Zodiac Compatibility Tips - Sagittarius

Sagittarius is represented by an arrow, which means people under this sign tend to be aggressive.

Free Zodiac Compatibility

Most often than not, they simply won't take "No" for an answer.

This symbol also represents the way Sagittarius people deal with criticisms in your relationship communication.

Can you see the logic behind the design of an arrow? The deadly point is on one end, while the other end contains a blunt tail. This means a Sagittarius can dish out the most deadly insults but they won't be able to take even the slightest criticisms.

Keep this in mind the next time you try to criticize your Sagittarius girlfriend!

Free Zodiac Compatibility Tips - Aquarius

Aquarius' symbol is flowing water. This sign is the most confusing, and could throw you off in your quest to figure out your compatibility.

Free Zodiac Compatibility

If your partner belongs to this sign, she can be very tolerant of your mistakes, even after the infatuation stage.

If you look at this from the perspective of Aquarius' symbolism, you realize that the flowing water represents a clean slate. She does not hold grudges - the air that is propelling the water forward will continue to make the water flow.

But don't be fooled.

Don't think your Aquarius girl will forget something, she almost certainly won't! If she feels ill-treated, she will calculate and pick her moment for an ultimate revenge.

Free Zodiac Compatibility Tips - Twins: Pisces & Gemini

Pisces and Gemini are both represented by twins (fish for the former, humans for the latter).

Free Zodiac Compatibility

These "twins" represent twin ideas or moods.

If you have a Pisces girlfriend, you might notice that sometimes she's a source of the most unique ideas, and sometimes she is totally bored and depressed.

Most Pisces women have conflicting emotions all the time, which is symbolized by the two fishes swimming away in different directions.

Unlike the Pisces twins, the Gemini twins are facing each other - meaning that a Gemini girl is completely aware of the conflicting ideas inside her head but always manages to find a way to make these conflicting ideas work in her favor.

Free Zodiac Compatibility

What does this mean to you?

You guessed it right. You have very little chance of winning against your Gemini partner in an argument or a debate. Before you even present the conflicting ideas or issues, she has already thought of a witty rejoinder to either confuse you into agreeing with her or throw you off completely.

Want to find out more about the compatibility between signs?

After you learn the basics about compatibility and zodiac in general, you will want to know the most important things about the compatibility of horoscope signs.

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