Advanced French Kissing Techniques for
Unforgettable Frenchies

How well do you master the French kissing techniques? Most men agonize about whether they're good in bed, but few worry about their skills when it comes to deep kissing (another name for the French kiss).

French Kissing Techniques

Why "French Kiss"? Because it's believed to have originated from the French, well-known for the subtle, deliberate way they make love.

Romantic, highly intimate and sexually arousing, a lip-smacking good French kiss can leave both of you breathless and swooning when it's over.

It's said that great lovers of the East used this kiss to arouse their lover's passion. A French kiss is a great way for you to express your feelings and sexual desire in a non-verbal and unhurried manner while savoring the moment to the fullest.

Before delving deeper into more advanced French kissing techniques, how to exactly start the kiss and how to deepen the smooch so that you and your girl are both entranced, let's make sure you checked the basic tips on kissing and the essential good kissing techniques.

Do you...

  • check your breath before you kiss your girl?
  • make sure that your oral hygiene is impeccable before you start?
  • angle your head so that you don't bump your nose on hers?
  • gradually open your lips to accommodate her tongue?
  • close your eyes so that you don't look like you're squinting at her while you deepen the kiss?

Now that we got the basics covered, let's look at French kissing techniques in more detail and at three ways to start a French kiss:

French Kissing Tips: #1. A Soul Gaze Before the Soul Kiss

French kissing Techniques

Did you know that the French kiss is also known as soul kissing?

It's that special type of intimacy that makes you feel like someone's touching your soul...

The perfect way to start a French kiss is to look deep in her eyes - usually, it's the way you gaze at her that makes her anticipate the kiss. 

Start by putting your arms around her or holding her face firmly (but gently) so she feels safe and comfortable.

French Kissing Tips: #2. The Harmless Peck

Most passionate kisses start out as harmless pecks on the lips. Softly touch your slightly parted lips on hers and close briefly to initiate the kiss. This initial kiss has a slight sound, made by the closing and parting of your lips.

How to deepen this kiss? You can repeat closing and parting of your lips until she responds. When you feel her lips parting to welcome your tongue, it's time to deepen the kiss.

French Kissing Tips: #3. The Passionate Start

Start the kiss with your lips slightly parted and your tongue ready to go for it. Put firmly your lips on hers and trace patterns with your tongue on her lips. Start moving your tongue in a swirling action around her tongue and then gently poke the inside of her mouth with the tip of your tongue.

Soon enough, she will be responding to your lustful kiss with her own brand of passion.

But, before you go ahead exploring the various French kissing techniques, make sure you don't rush into a deep passionate kiss without paying attention to how she likes the gentler kisses. Go in for the regular kiss, feel her out, see if she's ready for a French kiss. Then, proceed gradually.

Just remember, French kissing is an art.

Yes, practice is important. But mastering the most sensual and romantic French kissing techniques takes precise knowledge - what better way to learn it than from the only kissing guide that teaches you how to kiss with class and sophistication?

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