Why Do Women Cheat?
What to Do If You Catch Your Wife or Girlfriend Cheating

Catching your wife or girlfriend cheating is a nightmare you don't want to experience. Even the thought of it can drive you crazy!

Girlfriend Cheating

Catching her cheating means the affair has been going on for a time now, and she isn't able to cover it up anymore. Women are naturally intuitive and can keep secrets effectively, so when you catch her, it means she slipped. More often than not, women also have superior communication skills and can lie effortlessly about what's really going on.

So let's face it. As men, we don't stand a chance of catching our wife or girlfriend cheating by instinct only. When cheating, women become great liars, but they too can get sloppy at times.

Sadly, unfaithfulness is like an outbreak that affects more and more couples these days. While it used to be more commonly committed by men, nowadays, many women are also having illicit relationships.

According to Menstuff.org, recent studies of Atwood & Schwartz published in 2002 in the Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy show that 45-55% of married women have extramarital affairs while 50-60% of married men engage in extramarital sex at some time or another during their relationship.

Why Is Your Wife or Girlfriend Cheating?

You could be shocked by the reasons why a woman might have an affair:

  • She feels you are not attracted by her anymore
  • She feels devalued, neglected or ignored
  • She lacks "depth" and intimacy in the relationship
  • She's not having satisfying sex with you
  • She's angry at you using an affair as revenge
  • She's not receiving enough of your masculine "life force" - i.e., you are indecisive, out of touch with your life purpose, or not in control over your life

Are you curious about the difference between emotional and physical cheating?

  • Physical cheating is when just sex happens; these incidents cause trouble in a relationship, bringing up sexual compatibility issues that weren't properly addressed

  • Emotional cheating is much more complex; women's emotional affairs are caused by not getting enough emotional support from their partners

Believe it or not, emotional cheating causes relationship failure more often than physical cheating. Why? Because women are able to control their sexual needs easier than their emotional needs, which tend to be non-negotiable.

Consequently, a man who's not willing to improve his emotional intelligence and isn't able to address his woman's emotional needs is much more vulnerable to be cheated on.

If you want to confirm if your partner is playing around with another guy, you must pay attention to the things that are happening around you. You can find out the most revealing signals that will help you figure out if your partner is seeing another man - take a look at the 10 signs of cheating spouse >>

When You Catch Your Wife or Girlfriend Cheating...

...do the following:

  1. Make her own up to her actions; do this calmly to prevent drama (many women use drama to avoid answering direct questions)

  2. Reflect on your faults: have you done (or failed to do) something to determine her to cheat on you? Have you been pushing her away emotionally?

This is a good time to assess your performance within the relationship. There is a possibility that your behavior towards her was a contributing factor.

Now, here's the catch. You can forget her or forgive her, and no set of useful tips can make that decision for you.

If you truly love her, decide to forgive her and she's repentant enough, then you should think about trust issues. Is it possible to regain your trust after catching your wife or girlfriend cheating on you?


However, you will have to be very patient with yourself. You are only human, and you need time to heal. Trust in relationships is vital. It is the central, supporting pillar of creating intimacy and maintaining a meaningful connection with your partner.

Rebuilding trust is her responsibility and burden, but you can make it easier for her to prove her loyalty if you really want to keep your relationship going.

If you want to continue your relationship after catching your wife or girlfriend cheating, the first step is forgiveness. No, this doesn't mean you have to erase your memory or not feel the hurt. Forgiveness is the simple decision to never, ever mention the incident again, even in passing.

The second step is making sure she gets what she needs from YOU - learn about the things men do in a happy love relationship >>

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