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How Women Think Differently than Men and How to Understand Women
(featuring 3 hilarious video clips)

How many times have you wondered what and how women think?

How Women Think Differently than Men & Why

It's obvious that they think differently than us, right?

They can't focus on one thing.

They multitask. All the time.

Women have a completely different way of viewing the world.

They let their imagination go wild with futile WHY-NOTs and WHAT-IFs. Yes, you could say that women over-analyze everything.

Let's admit it; in contrast with us, HOW-TOs are not their strength. To us, it looks like they have conflicting thoughts about their work, relationships, parents, children, food… about pretty much everything.

Is it even possible to understand women?

Well, understanding women isn't complicated - we just need a user's manual if we want to fully get how women think and behave so we can power up our interaction with them.

Your Crash Course on How Women Think

Along with some shocking conclusions of neuroscience studies on how women think and behave differently than men you'll find here three illuminating (and very entertaining) video clips that will change forever the way you interact with the opposite sex! 

You may want to share this info with other guys too - understanding women and how they think and behave makes everybody's life easier. (and more fun!)

Did you know that psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, biologists and medical researchers studied and mapped the male and female brain for decades?

It's true.

Here's what they found, in plain English.

Beyond noticeable differences in brain anatomy and physiology, scientists also discovered the cause of this (sometimes maddening) difference in how women think and behave.

Females develop different attitudes, capabilities, interests and character traits than males. Why? Well, obviously because their system is estrogen-controlled, true; but also because they are stimulated, rewarded and socialized in different ways than males.

For example, while we are mostly independent, objective, competitive, logical, ambitious, concerned with rules and justice, able to make decisions easily, many women are less assertive and less ambitious. But they're all more empathetic, typically more creative and always able to express tender feelings. Obviously, women are very well-equipped for nourishing and helping others.

And there's more.

While we, men, are wired to value self-preservation (which explains why we sometimes find it harder to cooperate and see things from the other person's point of view), women are wired to pay attentions to and care for others, to avoid hurting the feelings of other people - sometimes at the costs of their own well-being.

Just think about it.

For thousands of generations women have been conditioned to meet the needs of those closest to them. Whether or not they spend the same amount of time at their job as us, they still feel responsible for their family's needs. For women, responsibility means doing things for others, as they put a huge emphasis on relationships. In fact, that's the reason many women become easily  overdependent on others - even prone to living their lives through others (husbands, children).

By the same token, they need to be protected and provided for by men. You may have heard that they need a guy to provide security for them, right?

But what exactly does "security" mean for women? A big paycheck? A big house? Ask any group of women - they'll tell you that while financial security is nice, it isn't nearly as important to them as feeling emotionally secure.

What does emotional security mean? It simply means that women need to feel close and connected with their man.

To feel secure, a woman needs to know that you'll be there for her - no matter what.

Believe it or not, that's just how female brain is wired - and, for the most part, that's what determines how women think.

Understanding Women & How They Think

According to relationship expert and men's advocate Alison Armstrong, co-founder of PAX (acronym for Partnership, Adoration & Xtasy) programs and creator of the popular "Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women", while men are "single-focused", women have "diffuse awareness" - pouring out in every direction.

And it's women's diffuse awareness that causes the much-talked about multi-tasking that females are famous for. Women's awareness of many needs in their environment causes them to try to meet them all at once.

Want to understand...

  • why women can't relax till certain things are cleaned up or put away? 

  • why they are compelled to give every small detail and feel mistrusted when you don't? 

  • why your woman can feel threatened by your job, friends, relatives and hobbies? 

  • what she thinks about during sex?

Then take a look at these 3 short but eye-opening video clips from Armstrong's highly entertaining workshop Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery - she really gives a remarkable performance showing you why women do what they do, how they think, act, speak and listen (and how to work with it instead of being frustrated by it):

This information can save marriages!

In fact, understanding how women think and how they are designed can restore the love and passion; it can add astonishing depth and a better sexual dynamic to your rocky or stale relationship.

Armstrong's Understanding Women workshop gives you on a plate in a fun and straightforward way not only how women think, but how they communicate and relate to others, so you'll finally understand why your partner behaves the way she does.

If you can attend one of these enlightening and highly entertaining weekend workshops for both genders, don't miss it! Grab your partner, your best friend, your father, your brother and go - you will be on your way to having the happiest, most functional relationships ever with ALL women in your lives (not just intimate partners).

Don't have time for the weekend workshop?

Get Understanding Women workshop on DVD: watch it and laugh with your partner - not only will you both have an amazingly fun evening together, she will completely open up to you!
(There's an audio version as well, but if you can't watch Armstrong's performance you'll miss all the fun and much of the content won't make sense to you).

Personally, I get high with each new insight, each time I watch it.

I'm so inspired by Alison's work and I got so much positive feedback from the men with whom I've shared it, that I've become an affiliate (I will receive a small percentage of anything you buy from her).

You can watch more video clips and get quite a lot of free stuff at Alison's site (subscribe to her free emails if you want to get incredible insights and tips directly from her).

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