Does Your Woman Display Any of these
12 Infidelity Warning Signs?

When you know them, your woman's infidelity warning signs are easy to spot.

By the end of this page you will discover what will make your partner accept other man's advances, what will make her prefer him instead of you.

Infidelity Warning Signs

You should know that just as men, women have affairs too.

There are many reasons a woman will cheat, from feeling lonely and a lack of love, appreciation and affection, to the frustration of her needs not being met - for whatever reason.

Different than the 10 signs of a cheating spouse, many of the infidelity warning signs are more subtle and easier to overlook.

Believe it or not, the future of your relationship could depend on your ability to spot these signs in time and take the required action to prevent your spouse from being unfaithful.

Take a look.

How Many Infidelity Warning Signs Does She Display?

  • She appears aloof and bored with you, her job, and life in general

  • She seems to have lost her self-confidence and doesn't feel feminine, seducing and sexy any longer

  • She says she doesn't feel loved by you and complains about not being able to connect with you emotionally

  • She takes on new responsibilities that take her away from home often or for long periods of time

  • She says she needs more surprises and excitement in her life

  • She became distant physically, avoids sex and doing anything or going anywhere with you

  • She told you that she "loves you, but is no longer in love with you"

  • She became indifferent to house chores, holidays and family events

  • She avoids meaningful communication; when you insist, she becomes sarcastic and verbally abusive

  • You fight more and more over money issues, she even blames you for not doing enough to solve them

  • She reveals her disappointment with your relationship to other people

  • She starts to flirt and acts too friendly with other men

Be careful not to confuse these infidelity warning signs with actual proof of cheating!

You might be wondering, once you spot one or more of these...

Infidelity Warning Signs... there a way to deal with this infidelity predisposition and actually prevent your woman from cheating?

It surely is. You might be surprised, but at this point, the ball is in your court.

First, try to understand your partner's point of view. Look at what was going on in her life lately and see how the relationship may have gone sour for her.

You're smart - understand that she's not looking to cheat and hurt you, but meet her needs somewhere else.

Second, consider this. How could you be contributing to this infidelity tendency?

  • Are you guilty of being wimpy, needy, jealous, verbally abusing, neglectful - physically or emotionally or of having offensive addictions?

  • Do you lack emotional intelligence, meaningful communication skills and the ability to solve problems when they (inevitably) arise?

  • Do you constantly take your woman for granted, which means failing to appreciate the little things she does, spending quality time with her, showing her attention and thoughtfulness?

Taken separately, these problems will probably not lead to your woman's infidelity. However, combined they add up creating trouble in your relationship that, at a certain point, you will be no longer able to ignore.

Take a good, honest look at yourself.

Is it possible you have anything to work on yourself to improve your relationship and offset her infidelity warning signs?

No relationship - including yours - is immune to infidelity!

If you really care about keeping your partner, you must cheat-proof your relationship to greatly minimize the chances of becoming a victim of your wife or girlfriend cheating.

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