Good Kissing Techniques to
Make Your Girlfriend Ask for More

Everybody knows it: if you don't master good kissing techniques, you are greatly disadvantaged in your relationships with women. Yet, if you are like most men, asking for tips on kissing is something that's very difficult - mostly because it's something you're just supposed to know.

Have you ever heard a woman talk about some other guy and describe him as an awesome kisser?

Kissing Techniques

The fact is, women are looking for kissers with good kissing skills. It's something that seals the deal for them if they're still on the fence about dating you. Why?

Because based on how you kiss her, a woman decides on whether or not you are paying attention to her, hence whether or not you're a good lover.

It's true. Great kissers make great lovers.

In contrast, bad lovers don't pay attention to their partner. They are focused mainly on their wants and needs, not thinking to what turns a woman on.

So, when it comes to good kissing techniques, there are some rules that you'd better know.

While the chemistry you feel on your night out is important, there are a few things you can do to make her feel butterflies in her belly. Try these kissing techniques to make this the first of many kisses to come:

Good Kissing Techniques - Good Timing

If you've never kissed her before, good timing is imperative. You want to see if she's ready to be kissed, so you have to look for clues.

For example, observe how she responds to your stroking her hair or when pulling her close to you and moving your lips towards hers. Does she pull away because you're not alone and other people are milling around? Her comfort is essential when timing a goodbye kiss or a simple affectionate kiss.

She could be asking for it without telling you directly. Notice her signs of flirting while you're on a date. Look out for the times when she's happy or delighted about something - during these times she feels most attracted to you.

If you don't get the kiss the first time you try, try again later when the opportunity presents itself again.

Good Kissing Techniques - Take it Easy

Do not rush to get that kiss!

Start out slow and gently, no tongue, and discover what she likes. Not every girl likes to be kissed in the same way. Some like it soft and sensual. Others like it hard and fast. Bring your face closer and see how she reacts. She will give subtle hints to what feels good to her.

If she's hesitant, stay gentle; maybe she's been waiting for the kiss and will simply angle her head upward to receive it. If she's excited, get more intense.

Good Kissing Techniques - Avoid Getting Boring

Vary the way you kiss. A good way to start a second kiss is to tease her cheek. Maybe your first was direct and she's expecting the second one to be the same. Varying the way you kiss her will show her that you're playful, this is always a plus!

Also, kissing is much more than touching each other's lips; it's also about moving your hands to pull her closer. Relax your body and leisurely touch your partner's hair, caress her face, hug and pull her closer.

If she's just letting you kiss her, you can gently nibble her lower lip just to surprise her.

Good Kissing Techniques - Ending the Kiss

Don't end the kiss abruptly. Pull away roughly and she might think you regret the kiss and this will make her feel bad about getting carried away.

The end of the kiss is as important as the beginning. Slowly close your lips and pause before withdrawing. Pull back gently and maintain some body contact, either holding hands, hugging or simply standing close. Cuddling is a good way to end a kiss. Look into her eyes and smile to show your affection.

Don't think too much about the kiss, or you might just screw it in the end. Over analyzing the way you kissed her will turn you into a nervous kisser - not good. Relax and enjoy kissing her. Just follow what her body language is telling you and you simply can't go wrong!

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