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Love Making Positions Yet?
Couples Making Love Positions: Top 5

If you are like most men, you've had your share of sex videos featuring love making positions that seem impossible to do at home! Maybe your favorite men's magazine did a series on couples making love positions and now you want to try them all?

Love Making Positions

You should know that these positions are meant to entertain, NOT educate. The kinkiest and most outrageous love making positions are actually stunts done by professionals - these videos should have a warning saying "don't try these at home"!

Before you stand on your head or ask your girlfriend to suck you upside down, you must qualify which making love positions you should bother with, and which ones you should simply view online or on TV. 

Here's a hint: the only love making positions that really matter are those that lead to maximum pleasure – both for you and your partner.

Here are 5 of the best ones.

Missionary Variation #1:
Her Feet on Your Shoulders

This is one of the love making positions where her legs aren't spread, but pulled close to her body. This lifts her hips upward, giving you room to penetrate. You can start thrusting. This position will allow you to directly massage the spot near the roof of her vaginal canal, the location of her G Spot. Finding the G spot is easy in this position.

You can play with your lover's toes while you make love to her but you may not be able to kiss her fully on her lips because her legs are in the way.

Missionary Variation #2:
Friction Play

Her legs aren't spread too far apart and you go on top without spreading her legs further. Adjust your body so that your whole body is on top of her. You have to use your elbows or your arms for support.

In sex education classes, where you are taught dozens of love making positions, this is a popular one, called the "coital alignment technique". Your pelvis is touching hers, and you're massaging her clitoral region directly. This, combined with the thrusting, will make her climax pretty fast. Another advantage is that this position allows you to kiss her lips, face, and neck while making love to her, which increases her whole-body sensual pleasure and intensifies her orgasm.

Classic Missionary

Spread her legs apart and pull her thighs close to you. You're kneeling on the bed and supporting her hips. She can wrap her feet around your waist to make her genital area more accessible to you. This is a position ideal for explicit sexual talk.

She sees your face and you see hers while you're thrusting - gazing at each other's eyes is very erotic and you can mix in some dirty sex talk to make the whole experience truly unforgettable.

Girl on Top

This is one of the love making positions that women prefer the most. Why? Because it allows for the best stimulation of their clitoral area conducing to a better orgasm.

When she's on top of you and grinding, your job is to lie there and caress her breasts, nipples, and torso. If she leans close for a kiss, you can use your hands to hold her hair off her face while you deepen the kiss. Does she like explicit sexual talk? You'd better give it to her, this will arouse her even more!

Don't expect her to get the rhythm 'right', because the way she moves on top of you depends on how she likes it. Always let her know you're approaching the point of 'no return' so she can stop moving for a few seconds if she wants, to prolong the pleasure.

Doggy Style

When penetrating from behind, your angle of penetration is extremely important. If you press down so that she's almost on her stomach, you won't be able to go deep, but you will be stimulating her G spot.

If you thrust straight forward, you can go deeper and she will be able to stroke her clitoris while you're thrusting, she loves that.

When trying new love making positions, you must always find ways to vary the 'usual' ones. You may have a certain favorite that you do over and over, but that could get old pretty quick so you have to experiment and explore your sexuality more.

Above all, don't rush love making!

Better love making is about soulful love making. During and after making love, look into each other's eyes. No words are needed. Just looking in each other's eyes in these most intimate moments is an overwhelmingly wonderful feeling.

Cherish the moment and take the time to pay attention to your lover. Touch her and 'listen' to her body with your hands. Instead of focusing on pleasing yourself, focus on pleasing her - in the end, your pleasure will be so much sweeter!

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