How to Improve Your Sex Life with
Two Great Love Making Techniques

Before we get down to specific love making techniques, let's talk about something that most people refuse to discuss: the sorry state of their sex lives.

If you're like most men, you've had your share of "NOs" when asking to have sex with your woman, right? Have you ever analyzed the reason why she keeps saying "NO"?

Maybe she's not enjoying sex with you?

If you believe the surveys, you'd realize just how many women aren't enjoying sex nowadays. Studies show that 76% of women don't reach orgasm during sex, mainly because they are too stressed or too tired.

Agonizing, isn't it?

If your woman reaches orgasm easily, stop reading this right now. The two love making techniques that follow are for men who want to make sure their partners belong to the 24% of women who climax during sex.

Great Love Making Techniques:
Make Sure She's Relaxed

It's no secret that for women, orgasm comes only when they're completely at ease with their partner. What does this mean to you? Do make love out of love, never out of anger. Passion is grand, but passion with even a hint of meanness is traumatic.

Use a lot of foreplay to help her unwind after a long day.

Love Making Techniques

Create a relaxing bedroom environment. Use scented oils and silk sheets, they are extremely sensual.

Make sure your bedroom is clean, quiet and free of bad odors. If you want her to fantasize about your love making even after it's over, make sure the stage of your love is set right.

Caress, don't grab. Whether it's her breast or her butt, caress by running your hands on her body smoothly.

Make sure her mind is on sex, and she's not thinking of work, kids or chores. If you notice her tension, ask her to put everything aside for the duration of your love making and just feel the sensations. Don't rush her. Putting pressure on your partner by repeatedly asking if she's ready to climax kills her mood in a blink of an eye!

If you think that relaxation is not part of the most effective love making techniques, think again. Considering how many women are struggling to climax during sex, understand that relaxing your partner properly before sex is a must.

Great Love Making Techniques:
Do Shower Before Sex

There may be a lot of reasons why your girlfriend does not want to go down on you; could the main reason be that you're not super clean? 

Think about it. No girl wants to kiss genitals that smell of sweat and whatever else.

The most romantic way to shower? Do it together. Can you have sex inside the shower? Absolutely!

Here are some tips on how to start your shower love making.

When you've finished playfully scrubbing each other, start eating each other out. You can also soak in a bath tub together, but showering will make sure you get all the sweat out faster.

Massage each other while in the shower. She can massage your back while scrubbing or exfoliating. Massaging is very relaxing and easily done with soap. You can even shampoo her hair gently rubbing her scalp - she'll be delighted, and ready for more ;)

Now is the best time to use some teasing dirty sex talk - if she enjoys it.

Is she ready for shower sex? The best position is standing doggy. Make sure she's standing upright with her feet apart before positioning yourself behind her. Bend your knees to penetrate her and thrust upward.

If she wants to move out and get to bed quick, don't push for shower sex - not every girl likes it. Don't even ask for a blow job - the drowning sensation that comes with blowing you under running water might be too much for your partner.

Remember, using these love making techniques at will and with gusto will make you sexy, soft, wild and seducing all at the same time. It will show your woman you are interested in better love making and she'll give you the opportunity more often.

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