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How to Make Women Want You More than the Other Guys: 3 Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore If You Want to Succeed With Women BIG Time!

Do you sometimes wonder, what are the things that will make women want you? You want to succeed with women and often ask yourself, What do women want?

How to Make Women Want You: 3 Tips to Succeed with Women

What makes some guys female magnets?

What are they doing that unhappy singles aren’t?

If you want to succeed with women and are asking yourself these questions, read on – you’ll find this little-known info here, plus 3 practical tips to make women choose you over all the other guys.

Before anything else, keep in mind this.

Since as a male, you think differently and have a different emotional blueprint than a woman, you need specific tips to master attraction and, then, to maintain a happy love relationship with the woman you love.

Generic tips, like spending quality time together, creating excitement, supporting and comforting each other are, obviously, for both genders – you'll find those everywhere on the net.

But here you get three specific tips that you, as a guy, can use to make women be totally into you. You'll see how and what do women want to feel that clearly tells them that YOU are the one. Plus, you can begin to unravel the few deep-wired (often subconscious) female needs that cause a constellation of wants, depending on a ton of variables.

So let's get to the tips.

3 Tips to make women want YOU over any other guy

1. Chivalry: While women today are mostly self-sufficient and proud of their increased independence, they still LOVE to be protected - it's just their natural wiring.

So no matter what you’ve been told, chivalry isn't dead. As long as it doesn't seem forced or too cheesy, chivalry goes a long way with any woman - in fact, a good dose of charming courtesy instantly increases attraction (assuming she's not a hardcore feminist seeing sexism in any polite gesture coming from a man).

Assume the role of her protector and treat her like a lady - you'll quickly raise above the rabble. When you practice the good manners of a true gentleman, she feels cared for and cherished. Naturally, she reciprocates with respect, admiration and openness - isn't this what makes you feel good too?  For example...

  • open the doors for her 
  • walk beside her on the outside of the sidewalk
  • help her put her coat on
  • offer to unhook her necklace
  • ask her if she needs anything
  • kiss her hand
  • maintain eye contact when talking with her

Swearing or spitting in her presence? If you want to succeed with women, these are BIG NO-NO’s. The difference between a gentleman and a boor is class - show you have it.

Make Women Want You Tip #1. Show Uncommon Courtesy

2. Non-sexual Touch:
Tenderness and cuddling go a long way with any woman (all humans need human touch to stay healthy and happy). Simple comforting gestures that crack all her defenses and fully open her heart. Gentleness makes a HUGE difference in how your girl feels around you. Examples?

Make Women Want You Tip #2: Non-sexual Touch
  • play with her hair
  • hold her face gently in your hands
  • kiss her softly on the cheek
  • caress her shoulder while waiting in traffic
  • give her a 20-second heartfelt hug
  • rub gently her back

You've got the idea. But what’s the secret? Why does non-sexual touch make women want you more around them?

Well, that's because this kind of platonic touch releases oxytocin in a woman's brain, the hormone of affectionate love and intimacy - in fact, it's known as the "bonding hormone". Oxytocin makes women feel less stressed reducing their level of anxiety and mental fatigue.

Your non-sexual touch relaxes a woman making her feel safe around you, cared for and protected by you - as a result, she's much more open to you.

In contrast, the constant lack of such simple gentleness causes women to experience anxiety, distance and diminished intimacy. If you want to succeed with women over long term as well, make sure you don’t let your relationship wither over something as simple as that!

3. Build Up Your Masculine Energy: even if it’s only half an hour per day, spend time alone to restore your energy and strengthen your masculine essence. Why?

Make Women Want You Tip #3: Build Up Your Masculine Energy

Because your intimate relationships with women are always going to reflect the depth of connection with your masculine core. (If your relationships with women lack depth and sexual intensity, here’s why.)

Although subtle and mostly unconscious, the power of sexual polarity permeates through all life.

It is this flow of sexual energy between the Masculine and the Feminine that draws men and women together into the bondage of unexplainable lust; it's commonly referred to sexual chemistry.

If you're familiar with the concepts of Tantra or with David Deida's work, you know that the sexual polarity required to ignite and maintain sexual attraction with a woman is directly dependent on the strength of your masculine essence.

Sadly, in today's obsessive political correctness and insistence on gender equality (prevalent especially in the Western world), the modern ideal of intimate relationships is sexually neutralized - based on friendship and communication; no wonder that most intimate relationships tend to become more talk and less action.

But to make women want you, talk is not enough; you need to create the spark, the juice, the aliveness of sexual polarity.

If you'd like to discover more about detailed practices to cultivate your masculine essence and increase the strength of sexual polarity with a woman, pick up Deida's Intimate Communion: Awakening Your Sexual Essence - you'll find it intriguing and enlightening.

When it comes to make women want you, here’s the bottom line

You certainly worked hard to get good grades, at your career, sports or your hobbies, true? Well, to master attraction and build trust in your relationships with women so they open up to you takes investing some effort  too.

But with the right guidance and if you really want to succeed with women and keep your relationship in top shape, you can make women want you more than the other guy – no matter his looks, money or status.

Want to get as good as it takes - faster?

Take a look at the video below - you may find it outrageous, but certainly helpful:

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