3 Tips for Making Love During Pregnancy

Making love during pregnancy increases the sense of love, intimacy and sharing between you and your wife. If she's big with child and suddenly asks you to make love to her, what do you do? 

Do you panic, run or hide? Do you get mad at her for being irresponsible?

Making Love During Pregnancy

No and no.

It's proven that making love during pregnancy is safe. Do not let your apprehensions hinder you from sharing these intimate moments. For all you know, it's exactly what your cranky wife needs to prevent mood swings.

Believe it or not, romantic gestures and love making are necessary for a pregnant woman to feel special.

Carrying a new life is stressful and she needs all the help from you.

Maybe you've heard it said that pregnant women are always in the mood for love making? It's a fact that no woman can deny.

Basically, her hormones are in shambles and she often feels hot, literally and figuratively. Here are 3 tips to help you out when she says, "make love to me" and you decide to go for it.

Making Love During Pregnancy:
Handle with Care

Pregnant women bruise easily, so spanking, kinky sex paddles and outrageous love making positions are out. Make sure she's comfortably positioned and propped on pillows before you penetrate or proceed with foreplay.

Her breasts are particularly tender so fondling gently is preferable to grabbing roughly.

You might notice changes inside her vagina. Maybe her portal feels tighter than usual and less lubricated. You can use a water-based lubricant to make intercourse more pleasurable for her. However, to prevent irritation, make sure to apply the lubricant around the portal and not inside.

Careful handling also means licking and sucking gently. Let her suck you hard when she goes down on you, but tread gently when you go down on her.

Making Love During Pregnancy:
Make Her Feel Special

During pregnancy your wife is dealing with dramatic bodily changes. She knows her body is different now. She has dark spots in soft-skinned places, and her skin is rougher than usual. Some pregnant women show varicose veins early, and these are unsightly. She also knows that she won't fully recover from these changes (unless she has millions to splurge on cosmetic surgery like celebrity moms).

She is extremely self-conscious, so don't add to it by showing dismay or pointing out her physical flaws. Tell her pregnancy makes her beautiful and special to you. Show her you didn't lose your chemistry!

Telling her that pregnancy is making her ugly, even as a joke, will make her feel weepy and depressed. How would you feel if someone carelessly told you an insensitive statement while you're sacrificing a lot?

Making Love During Pregnancy:
Treat Her Like Your Girlfriend

Your relationship shouldn't change now that you're going to become parents. Don't be part of the many couples who lose the magic as soon as a child arrives. Don't let that happen to you!

Do not lose the heat that has fueled your relationship so far. Intimacy is intimacy, regardless of time and space, and if you keep your love a priority, you will never lose that passion when making love.

When you make love to your wife, make sure you treat her like you treated her during the infatuation stage. Passionate does not mean rough, and you have to find the right balance between being gentle and showing her how much you lust for her body.

Making love during pregnancy is a must if you want to keep the flame burning. As long as you're gentle, you are not likely to harm your sweetheart or your child. By making love to her, you will be adding to her comfort and emotional well-being.

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