Dare to be Her Best Lover when
Making Love the First Time!

You might not realize, but making love the first time with a woman is always a risk that she takes. Obviously, your priority must be to make her comfortable - even if you're not making love to a virgin.

More often than not, when you start becoming sexually active with a woman she doesn't fully trust you yet (no matter how long you've been dating), so make her relax and assure her that she's special to you.

Making Love The First Time

Where can you go wrong?

Well, you don't really know whether or not she has had a bad sexual experience in the past.

Believe it or not, there are men who don't care about their sexual partners, and she might have had more than one sexual experience in which she felt used.

What does this have to do with you? Everything. Because she might be hesitant to open up with you - might even show resistance at first. When making love the first time, always have the above in mind and do your best to keep the love making fun and enjoyable for her too.

Here are two quick love making tips on how to do just that.

Making Love the First Time Tip #1:
Assure Her that You’ll Stop if She Wants You To

It might be a new idea to you, but some women react strongly to the messages inside their heads. She might be thinking "this is wrong" or "I shouldn't be doing this!"

You or the situation are probably not the reason, perhaps she's thinking of a bad sexual experience and making love the first time is bringing all those memories to the surface.

So what do you do?

  • Before you undress her, and while you're kissing her, say this, "I won't do anything you don't want me to do. You can stop me anytime."

  • Kiss her deeply and caress her arms and back, taking care NOT to touch her private parts

  • Stop kissing her but don't stop caressing. Gaze into her eyes and brush your lips on hers. If she responds by opening her lips, kiss her deeply again

Doing these things during first time sex will ensure that she wants it as much as you do. Step back a bit and let her guide your love making if you sense that she prefers that. However, make sure you do NOT give out signals that she might interpret as rejection - this would hurt her a lot!

Making Love the First Time Tip #2:
Start with an Erotic Massage

It's a fact that nothing is more relaxing than a massage. An erotic massage, however, is different from the usual type of massage because you are fondling rather than kneading. You're also using lubricants instead of only massage lotion.

Start by fondling her feet - and DON'T rush to get to her inner thighs!

Imagine a spiral staircase going around her calves and legs. Follow the spiral pattern as you caress her leg muscles. Use massage oil or lotion on her legs. Many women have a sensitive skin, so make sure you have a good quality, non-allergenic massage lotion - don't buy the cheapest one.

While massaging her back and her shoulders she might get drowsy; should you wake her up if she involuntarily falls asleep? No. Let her have her rest and reschedule love making rather than rouse her. Giving her an erotic massage means you're OK with just making her feel comfortable without asking for anything in return.

She will appreciate this, trust you more and act less inhibited the next time you have sex.

When you're making love the first time you want to show her you are a good lover skilled in the love making techniques. During first time sex make her feel loved, relaxed and cared for by being perceptive, gentle and thoughtful.

This is not a time to show off your proficiency with various love making positions or to try finding her G spot. All this is for later.

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