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Want a FUN-tastic Oral Sex Techniques Tutorial?
Good Oral Sex Advice to Make Her Oooh & Aaah!
The fine art of pleasuring a woman & how to teach her to give you the perfect BJ/HJ


Are you looking for an oral sex techniques tutorial that can make you her BEST lover? Good thinking! Because learning how to give good oral sex to your girl takes more than just willingness and practice. You need the DOs & DON’Ts on how to give oral sex, the essential oral sex advice and tips that make all the difference between discomfort and bliss.

Today’s your lucky day – you’ll get all these here, along with a step-by-step guide providing a very good oral sex technique for women – if you’d like your sweetheart to learn how to give you the perfect blo*w job (BJ), and h*and job (HJ).

Get Your Oral Sex Techniques Tutorial Here!

Let’s start with how to pleasure your girl - here's what you need to know before anything else.

For most women oral sex is best for awakening the well of bliss in her body and open her heart wide-open to deeper, unconditional love.

Good oral sex creates a special bond between the two of you; it’s a FUN-tastic way to spark the passion in your relationship – whether you’re making love to a woman for the very first time or to your wife of many years.

So having a good oral sex technique is a must. It makes you a truly GREAT  lover and skyrockets your sexual intimacy like you’ve never thought possible!

Learning how to make sex better and how to give oral sex to your woman (in a way that makes her orgasm explosively multiple times) is a fine art. Unfortunately, reliable oral sex advice is skimpy – whether it is for men OR women; however, today you're in for a treat because you can download below the advanced (uncensored) version of...

The Only Oral Sex Techniques Tutorial You’ll Ever Need

As you can imagine, this advanced tutorial contains sexually explicit graphics & wording that couldn’t be shown here, for obvious reasons. However, below you’ll get an excellent taste of how to give good oral sex to your lady.

Let's get down to it (pun intended) and give you some helpful oral sex advice and tips you ought to keep in mind when pleasuring your beloved, to give her powerful, leg-shaking orgasms.

Basic Oral Sex Techniques Tutorial to Eating Her with Gusto

Despite being viewed sometimes as wicked in less evolved societies, cunnilingus (oral sex performed on a female) is an ancient love making technique conducive to sheer erotic ecstasy - no wonder it's been revered for many centuries by Tantra, the science of sacred sexuality, and detailed with great care in Kama Sutra.

A refined type of oral sex extremely pleasurable and highly arousing for both lovers, pleasuring a woman’s genitals with your lips and tongue is also known as French job, pearl diving, cherry flip, Yoni kissing, eating at the Y, the breakfast of champions, cunnilinctus (cunnilingus in scientific terms), and many other names.

When it comes to give good oral sex, the first oral sex tip you need is this: let your sweetie know that you’re okay with p*ussy eating, even enjoy it. Why? Because, like many women who are uneasy about a guy using his tongue and lips on her genitals (unless the relationship is well-established), your partner may be self-conscious about it; your reassurance makes it easier for your sweetheart to loosen up her inhibitions.

So here’s some useful oral sex advice you can use to eat from her honey pot with gusto, make her completely open up (literally) under your lips and hands, reaching that unimaginable climax of ecstasy that bonds you in a very special way.

The following tips are a basic oral sex technique tutorial that shows you how to give oral sex to your lady like a pro:

10 Tips to Give Good Oral Sex to Your Belle

Although every woman is different - anatomically, as well as on a sensitivity and preference level (and you'll have to tune in to her non-verbal feedback to understand how to pleasure her, then adjust your technique accordingly) - the following tips will generally work well with most women:

  1. In a soft voice, tell her to relax while you're taking care of her.

  2. Kiss and lick her neck and slowly continue downward, towards her belly and then her inner thighs. Do not rush it. As you approach her genitals kissing the entire area, the anticipation of what is to come will make her very juicy and hot.

  3. When you reach her cave of love pause for a few seconds... then, gently part her outer and inner lips with your hands - nothing is more erotic for a woman than being held open with tender, loving hands. Tell her, "you have a beautiful p*ussy" – to add to her delight.

  4. Very softly start eating her out;  it feels fabulous to gently suck and nibble her clitoral area and inner lips… After all, p*ussy eating is a real delicacy.

  5. Remember this oral sex tip: the secret to delighting her with your oral sex technique is to soften and flatten your tongue using smooth, steady, slow rhythmic licks around her clitty (a tensed, pointed tongue is too harsh for this delicate area, desensitizing it). Saying "you taste good, honey" melts her hesitation of surrendering herself completely to the amazing pleasure you’re giving her.

  6. Want to drive her really really wild? Use slow, deliberate strokes of the tongue, then stop for a moment. Make her need it. The slower you touch her Yoni, the more you awaken your woman's lust. Take a small ice cube in your mouth and slip it around her clitty and into her vaginal opening--this will make her sizzle with pleasure.

  7. You can also insert two fingers deep into her vagina while licking her clitty. Curl your fingers up towards your tongue, pressing lightly her clitty and G-spot between your mouth and fingers. As your tongue licks up, pull down with your fingers until you find the rhythm – and then just keep it going.

  8. Continue to lick her p*ussy after she reaches orgasm while she moans, with her body waving and stretching spontaneously (but be very gentle, as her clitoris is now very sensitive). Even after a few seconds, it still feels incredibly wonderful;  in fact, it may increase the intensity and duration of her orgasm.

  9. Oral sex is best if your lady can’t reach orgasm from intercourse - use this basic oral sex techniques tutorial with your lady tonight – you’ll bring her to erotic ecstasy, show her that you care enough to learn how to make sex better and make her feel MUCH more loved by you.

  10. There’s one more thing you should know (an oral sex tip made known through Tantra): this highly sensual love making ritual extends far beyond arousal and orgasm; it harmonizes your energy as a couple, being an especially pleasurable way of celebrating and increasing your love.

A last piece of oral sex advice: above all, be playful and have fun with it!

Now It’s Your Turn...

...to actually put these powerful oral sex tips into practice.

To make this easier for you, I made an advanced oral sex techniques tutorial containing the exact steps for BOTH female and male pleasuring, PLUS detailed instructions and specific words to use to teach your lady how to give you the perfect bl*ow job & hand job - without coming across as offensive or bossy.

Download the FREE advanced oral sex techniques tutorial now (contains explicit material NOT included here) >>



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