How to Get a Grip on
Overcoming Jealousy

Overcoming jealousy is not an easy relationship problem to solve, but by the end of this page you will discover how to get a grip on it and even a secret tip on dealing with jealousy!

If you are like most men, you are naturally competitive. You've been raised to be jealous of the prize and "beat" any potential competition, right? Many times, a man who is not jealous is seen as weak or submissive.

However, whether you're deep in a long term relationship or dating casually, jealousy will destroy a wonderful relationship and ultimately drive away the woman you love.

Overcoming Jealousy

Are you passionate about your relationship?

Then even the slightest jealousy over a perceived possibility of losing your woman can lead to bouts of insecurity, controlling behavior, anger and even violence.

But whether you like it or not, overcoming jealousy is a must - be it justified or not.

Was there ever a time when you asked your girlfriend or wife not to go to an event because you don't feel comfortable with her attending? She might have agreed, but you can be sure that she remembers that incident. She will keep the memory of the disappointment over not attending for a loooong time. These jealousy issues add up, man. They generate resentment and over time create serious trust issues in your relationship.

That's why you must get skilled at overcoming jealousy.

You've probably heard this before: jealousy is toxic. It does not lead to anything constructive. I can hear you say, "I'm just human, man", but you must tone down your jealous instincts and learn to fully trust your partner.

Overcoming Jealousy by Uncovering the Root Cause

Look deep inside your motives for being jealous. Are you scared that she might find someone better? Is your fear of "more worthy" men making you want to lock her up inside the house on a Saturday night?

Then you should know that this shows negative feelings of low self-esteem, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment and nagging self-doubt.

Or, maybe you don't think you're a good catch.

It could be the way you met - she was down and you were there to save her from her misery. Now she's Ok and back on her feet and you might be harboring thoughts about not being needed anymore.

It's not really the other men, is it? Usually it's the time she spends outside that's making you miserably jealous. Every time she leaves, you feel that you're not inside her mind anymore, and other (more pressing) things are keeping her busy.

Can you relate?

But think hard - if she's already committed to you, why be scared? Think of yourself as a prize that she will treasure and you're well on your way to overcoming jealousy and being the secure man that she wants to be with.

And there's one more thing you must remember; stop comparing yourself with other men.

Overcoming Jealousy

Why would you compare yourself with others?

Are you unsure of yourself?

You should know your strengths and so does your partner - or else she wouldn't be with you, right?

She wants you in her life and your job is to keep it that way.

Don't make her want to leave you because you're insecure, controlling and can't handle her interacting with other people.

Secret Tip on Overcoming Jealousy

Ironically, admitting to your sweetheart you're jealous can do wonders - but only if you do it infrequently. Need an exact number? Ok, five times.

Think of these five times as your "jealousy cards". When you've played one, you can't play it again. This means that you can only act the irrationally jealous boyfriend or husband a few times, so use these sparingly - remember to think before you react!

If she did something really obvious, like talk for hours with her ex over the phone, then maybe it's just right that you played one card. She could be thinking you're Ok with anything she does, so it's time to let her know you are not comfortable with that.

But freaking out whenever she goes out or gets the attention of beach goers while sunbathing beside you will either make her grow tired of your insecurities and leave you or keep secrets to avoid unpleasant confrontations. You know that secrets are dangerous, right?

The best way to avoid these is to keep an open mind about your woman. Show her you trust her and she will never keep secrets.

As you can see, overcoming jealousy is a must if you want to keep the woman you love and build a happy lasting relationship.

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