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Relationship Advertising on iMakeHerHappy.com: Great-Exposure,  Creative Ways to Advertise on this Site

Looking for high-traffic places on the net for your relationship advertising needs? Discover here several affordable options!

Are you interested in creative ways to advertise your website in front of a highly targeted audience? Thousands of men come here for expert relationship advice and proven solutions for their relationship issue with the woman they love: people wanting dating advice and help to fix their marriage or stop an impeding divorce, reverse a breakup and get their ex back, solve their relationship problem, improve their sex life and sexual performance.

In the process, many get hooked to other topics we discuss here, like personal growth, holistic living and conscious sexuality - so if you need to advertise in any of the above areas, we offer several very affordable monthly and yearly relationship advertising options.

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Available Ad Types
Current Advertising Rates
Advertising Guidelines & Conditions
How to Get in Touch with Us to Get Your Ad Published

offers highly visible relationship advertising areas within its content-rich site. Our authoritative site is a trusted source of relationship information and advice that draws a growing number of unique visitors per month.

80% of our visitors are from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and the vast majority is finding our site directly through organic search at Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

What does this mean to you?

Well, it simply means that your relationship advertising needs are going to be satisfied through several cheap ways to advertise on iMakeHerHappy.com

To advertise your website and business here you can choose from...

3 Types of Ads Available

1. "Special Tip" Ads with Text Links - on any page other than the Homepage.

2. Banner Ads - several affordable advertising packages, depending on the location of your ad on our page, offering up to 30% savings for yearly rates - see pricing below.

3. Your Business Featured on a Full, Dedicated Page - this type of relationship advertising is very powerful, since it's considered REAL content by our loyal visitors and the Search Engines! Your Featured Page includes everything you need to generate highly targeted visitors to your website:

  • text & images where you can introduce yourself and your services, describe your offers, quote client or customer testimonials

  • your contact details, so visitors can contact you without having to visit your site and search for such info

  • external links to your site only (no ads or links to pages on our site, which means highest conversion rates for you)

  • regular Search Engine submission to Google, Yahoo and Bing

  • Blog entry and automatic submission ("ping") to important blog directories

  • your dedicated page will be ads-free and will receive nofollow incoming links from related pages on our site.

Advertising Rates

As you can imagine, advertising space on our website is limited and rented out on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Since we develop our site aggressively, our traffic grows continuously and we increase the advertising rates accordingly. But, when you choose a yearly plan, your rate will NOT go up, so your value per click will increase (your cost per click will decrease).

Plus, we offer up to 33% discount with yearly payments. Why? Because just like our site visitors, our selected advertisers are very special to us :)

Here are the current advertising rates on iMakeHerHappy.com, depending on the different types of ads:

1. "Special Tip" Ads with Text Links

Here's a sample of how "Special Tip" ads look in the content of our pages:

Special Tip ads look like this. They are converting very well, because our Special Tips are highly relevant to the surrounding content and bring REAL value to our visitors. We reserve the right to refuse any Special Tip ads that do not meet these standards.

You can have this type of ad appearing on any one page (except the Homepage and depending on the availabilities) for $19 monthly. Or, save 20% with our discounted yearly rate of $182.

2. Banner Ads

We offer several packages of Banner Ads, depending on where they are displayed on the page:

Relationship Advertising Offer on iMakeHerHappy.com

Which are Level 1 and which are Level 2 pages?

Well, Level 1 pages are 1-click from the Homepage and contain one of the site's sub-topics. Also, each Level 1 page links to several closely related Level 2 pages, which are reachable through 2-clicks from the Homepage.

Want to advertise on iMakeHerHappy.com Homepage or on more than one Level 1 and its corresponding Level 2 pages? Get in touch with us - depending on what we have available at that time we'll work with you for a customized pricing option :)

As you can see in the table above, depending on the specific area your ad appears on the page, the advertising spot rental is:

Zone 3 Area (good exposure): $14/month, or $143/year (save 15%)

  • 160x160 pixels Square ads in the left column, OR
  • 468x60 pixels Horizontal Banner ads at the bottom of page

Zone 2 Area (great exposure): $19/month, or $182/year (save 20%)

  • 160x160 pixels Square ads in the central column, OR
  • 468x60 pixels Horizontal Banner ads at the top of page

Zone 1 Area (optimal exposure): $24/month, or $216/year (save 25%)

  • 250x250 pixels Square ads in the Content column, below the fold

Zone 0 Area (maximum exposure): $29/month, or $244/year (save 30%)

  • 250x250 pixels Square ads in the Content column, above the fold

3. Your Own Dedicated Page

You can showcase best your business or website with a full, dedicated page free of ads. Your own page on our site can display text, images, links, testimonials and full contact info PLUS benefit from proper SEO, regular Search Engine submissions, Blog pings and targeted traffic from other parts of our site.

Obviously, there are only so many Dedicated Pages we can publish on our site -  so this is a limited offer at an introductory rate of $49/month. Or, save 33% with the yearly rate of $399 - grab this while you can!

Relationship Advertising Guidelines & Conditions

  • Only a limited number of ads are accepted each month, guaranteeing your ad(s) 100% exposure.

  • We accept advertising for quality products or services that are relevant to our audience - NO porn, gambling, tobacco ads or sites.

  • No pop-up, pop-under, audio ads, expandable media are allowed.

  • Before we start publishing your ad(s) we must receive your payment in full - all payments are in US Dollars, payable through Paypal.

  • All ads are subject to approval - we suggest getting them approved before making your payment.

  • Please note that we do not sell links disguised as advertising for the purpose of increasing your site's ranking; as such, all links to your website will be nofollow links (as per Google's guidelines).

Get in Touch for Details

So, what type of relationship advertising option do you have in mind?

Fill in the form below to tell us which of the many different ways to advertise on our site matches your needs. Don't delay - as soon as we reach an agreement you can start to advertise your website here and you'll get more customers right away!

Get in Touch to Get Your Ad Published on this Site!

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