Get Better at Relationship Communication and Stay in the Bedroom a Lot More!

How well do you master the most important of all relationship basics, relationship communication? Not too well? Read on, by the end of this page you will get a good handle on it!

Relationship Communication

Believe it or not, relationships don't work unless both sides win.

You see, when you focus - even subconsciously - on blaming your partner or justifying yourself rather than focusing on the issue at hand, your woman instinctively becomes defensive, perhaps even cynical. 

How so?

Well, because she tries to justify her own position.

The result? Hostility rather than resolution.

You both see each other as unreasonable and overly emotional. All of a sudden, from lovers, you turn to enemies. You start to experience more and more common relationship problems.

If you are like most men, you've been taught to talk in such a way to win the conversation, right?

No wonder then, that when you talk with your partner you're probably just waiting to get things off you chest and make your point instead of really listening to what your partner is saying to you.

But when you stop focusing on being right and trying to convince your partner to see things your way, she will hear you too! When you have the strength to take responsibility for what you did or didn't do, when you can 'own' what you think and feel, you instantly win her trust.

And when she trusts you, she's much more likely to follow your lead!

Before discovering the secret to great communications skills...

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Want to Get Better at Relationship Communication?

Then you must understand this: when you learn to speak in the first person, your partner is able to understand what you mean and need. For example, say "I need more time to think about this, I'll get back to you on it" vs. "Why are you're pressuring me!?"

Bottom line?

Your relationship communication is vital. But communicating effectively won't just happen on it's own. Both you and the woman you love must be open and willing to work as a team on improving the way you talk to each other. Why? Because only then can you both understand who you are as individuals and what you both need and want.

After all, your sweetheart is your partner... Communicating effectively with her can't be about who's right or who's wrong. You're a team - when one loses, you both lose.

Communication is about helping each other see things from each other's perspective so you can avoid the misunderstandings causing bitter arguments that you will later on regret.

Once you understand that taking responsibility for your own actions first, before you can point anything out in your partner, relationship communication gets actually painless and trouble-free! You will be able to do it openly and honestly. You will become non-judgmental and patient.

Easy? Nope.

But you will finally hear what your partner says - not just the words, but the tone expressing her emotional state as well.

The result? You'll have less conflicts. You'll make love more. How so?

Well, getting better at understanding women in relationships, you'll ultimately know what your lady wants! And yes, this takes you quite close of being able to please her - isn't this what both of you want?

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Relationship Communication

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