Did Your Relationship Trouble Start with
these Relationship Warning Signs?

Relationship Warning Signs

Most often than not, the relationship warning signs are easy to recognize.

Being in love is supposed to feel great, right?

However, sometimes it feels confusing, it even hurts.

All relationships have ups and downs. But when you start to recognize certain patterns of behavior, it means you might be headed for trouble.

Most troubled relationships start with clear relationship warning signs:

  • decrease in deep, meaningful communication
  • lack of making plans for the future
  • diminished phone & email contact
  • decreased sexual attraction
  • secrecy
  • increased criticism, moodiness, or irritability
  • constant separation when you could be together

Any one of these signal that - if you want to continue the relationship - you need to choose from the various relationship counselors in your area or get a relationship coach.

Even when none of the above warning signs are present yet, you might be in an abusive relationship.

Before going to the list of trouble signs in a relationship...

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Do You Experience These Relationship Warning Signs?

  1. Does she get jealous without a reason?

  2. Is she repeatedly and wrongly accusing you of flirting with other women?

  3. Does she consider herself smarter or socially superior to you making you feel inadequate?

  4. Is she avoiding important discussions repeatedly?

  5. Is it hard for you to freely express your values and opinions with her?

  6. Are you scared of disagreeing with her?

  7. Is she is expecting you to take care of all her emotional needs?

  8. Is she blaming you for her feelings or everything that goes wrong in her life?

  9. Does she emotionally abuse you by insulting, criticizing, belittling, ignoring you?

  10. Is she saying she'll kill or hurt herself if you break up with her?

  11. 10 More Troubled Relationship Warning Signs:

  12. Her jealousy stops you from seeing your friends or family

  13. She is always checking up or questioning you about what you do when not with her

  14. She constantly makes personal decisions about your appearance, clothing, hair style

  15. You feel as if you have to walk on eggshells to keep her from getting angry

  16. She invalidates you by being angry or sulky when you have an idea or initiate an action

  17. You feel that with her, nothing you do is ever good enough

  18. She asks you often to do things to please her 'or else...'

  19. She is an impulsive spender, drinks heavily or uses drugs

  20. She throws or breaks objects to punish or terrorize you into submission

  21. She justifies her behavior by saying it's because she can't control her temper, or that she was 'just joking'

These relationships warning signs mean you are in one of the various types of controlling relationships where you feel humiliated, pressured, controlled, or scared. You have to know how to end a relationship that makes you unable to be yourself, or get qualified help.

Experiencing only a few of these relationship warning signs, you might be tempted to think that if you change to be more like what she wants you to be, then the abuse will stop. It won't. All troubled relationships get worse over time.

Your partner might simply not be able to accept the responsibility for abusing you. When she keeps justifying her behavior or saying she was 'just joking', you should consider getting some qualified relationship break up advice and leaving an abusive relationship that you have no control over.

^Top^ Relationship Warning Signs

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