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Top 10 Romantic Ideas For Men: Explode Your Sex Life With the Best Foreplay for Her Brain!

How to Become the Most Romantic Couple
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Are you in search of the best romantic ideas for men – practical ideas that won’t make you reach for the cash?  You’ll find here a list of thoughtful things that you can do with (or for) your sweetheart on a regular basis to stimulate her most erotic organ and make her feel that you’re a romantic couple unwaveringly in love.

Top 10 Free Romantic Ideas for Men

Are you like most guys out there for whom the idea of acting like a romantic couple might not be very appealing?

Then, you should know that for women, romance equals foreplay - BIG time!

And - believe it or not - this kind of mental foreplay done outside the bedroom, infused in your daily routine is just as important as the foreplay done inside the bedroom; it puts your lady in the mood for love.

In fact, learning the simple secrets of becoming a romantic guy is not only one of the top 10 dating and seduction tips

…it’s actually the first step in keeping many common relationship problems at bay and your relationship out of trouble. You’ll give your intimacy a great boost and see your sweetheart melt in your arms - or even turn magically into the sexiest seductress.

Either way, be ready for a much spicier sex life - don’t be surprised if she’ll get really freaky in the sack!

Remember this: keep treating your woman with romantic gestures often if you want to keep your love exciting and fun - or if you want to spice up a relationship grown stale.

You’ll discover here some unique romantic ideas for men, which work wonders with any woman and romantic surprise ideas that will tell your sweetheart you’re so into her!

Use these simple but thoughtful gestures to fuel the romance and tell her you care – without words. Do them on a regular basis - that’s the best-kept secret of romantic couples who share a deep connection, great intimacy and love.

Last thing before we dive in: do you text each other?

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Romantic Idea #1: Caress Her Even If You're in Public Places

Avoid acting like strangers in public. Don’t sit away from each other. Don’t buy separate popcorns at the movies. Romantic couples cuddle together each time, anywhere.

Hold hands. Put your arm around her waist or shoulders. Caress her face (women love this). Stroke her hair, the inside of her wrist and the back of her neck. Hold her from behind – you get the idea.

Touch her as much and as often as you can – non-sexual touch releases oxytocin in the brain and makes women want you (sometimes right then and there).

Romantic Idea #2: Kiss Her in the Street

This is one of the more daring romantic surprise ideas, depending on where you live - for Paris is nothing out of the ordinary.

Romantic Ideas for Men - Kissing in the Rain

Who cares if you're outside, the rain is pouring, and you and your sexy girlfriend are getting progressively soaked while whispering romantic phrases?

You don't even notice the crabby old lady shouting, "get a room!" from the balcony upstairs.

You're utterly in love, so what does the world care if you share one of the 16 types of kissing in the street?

Wouldn't the world be a much better place if everyone would just kiss and make up - or make out?

Romantic Idea #3: Match Her Clothing

One of the more creative romantic ideas for men is to dress up in the same colors as your sweetheart and mimic each others' actions – you’ll surely have your friends and family say, "what a cute couple!"

Get studio shots of the two of you wearing very similar outfits. You might not like it, because it's cheesy and corny. But who cares? You're carefree and in love!

Romantic Idea #4: Don't Limit Kiss-giving to Special Occasions

When you’re in love, infatuation up to your ears, everyday spent together is a special occasion for kissing non-stop, right?

As your relationship matures, don’t let this sweet routine fade... Using it only when you're in need of Valentine's day ideas for her won't cut it!

Instead, think of daily excuses to celebrate your love: give her a coffee-flavored kiss early in the morning or kiss while you swap a flavored drink from one mouth to another - Amaretto, Bailey and Sherry are great choices. Eggnog works wonders too - who knows, you might end up with holidays like Kiss-fest holiday or The Kiss-mas season.

Romantic Idea #5: Voted Among the "Sexiest Romantic Ideas for Men"

Have a good stock of sexy or romantic coupons to redeem: "The holder of this coupon is entitled to 30 minutes of full-body massage (candles and scented massage oil included)".

Or, "This coupon entitles the bearer to a candlelit, scented bubble bath with the coupon giver"...

Or, "Redeemable for one romantic dance together preceding an evening of sensual seduction".

Romantic Idea #6: Cook Together & Create New Romantic Dinner Recipes

Romantic Ideas for Men: Cooking Together

She strains the pasta, you mix in the meat; she sets the table, you pour the wine...

Nothing is a stronger aphrodisiac than cooking together and enjoying romantic meals lit by a couple of candles (or a dozen) – this is among the favorite romantic ideas for men who have an appetite for sensual things.

Drink from the same glass, share ice cream from the same bowl, lick the chocolate from each other's fingers (she - or you - might get in the mood to lick some more).

Romantic Idea #7: Send Her Your Best Romantic SMS Messages...

...while you're together. As Rachel Ray and her guests attest, you can turn even the coldest woman into a passion addict just by pushing a few buttons on your cell phone!

Believe it or not, there's nothing more romantic than sending "I love you! Kiss me goodnight" to someone you are right now with under the same roof.

Think it's corny? Think again; a romantic couple will not see sending such romantic messages to each other as corny simply because it's soooo charming! (Plus, it can be the prelude to one of your juiciest romantic evening ideas.)

Romantic Idea #8: Use Romantic Nicknames

Yes, it's extremely corny, but quite effective in deepening your connection with your sweetheart.

Some creative couples have special nicknames for each other, while others are content using the generic ones, like honey, sweetheart, darling, baby, luv.

Romantic Idea #9: Sexy Romantic Ideas for Men Who Get Lost...

...driving back country: learn to enjoy getting lost in the outback - this can be used as an exciting opportunity to make love inside the car. (Until a highway patrol comes over to offer directions!)

No one's around - so instead of fighting about the map that she left behind or because your lack of planning, why not enjoy the thrill of these out-of-the-ordinary romantic evening ideas - and some of the best love making positions?

Romantic Idea #10: Romantic Couples Don't Let a Fight Last...

...more than a few hours.

After a lovers' quarrel, show up on her doorstep with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Or, just one single thornless rose and tell her, “Have all of my love, none of the pain!”

Hug and kiss her, apologize if that's the case – you know how to talk to girls, right?

Then take her to a spot she likes or simply at the park.

Why? To change her mood quicker and because seeing romantic couples openly expressing love and affection inspires you to try more ways to be romantic and stimulate her most erotic organthe brain.

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