What Does it Take to Seduce Your Wife?

Did it occur to you to seduce your wife lately? Probably the answer is "yes" because otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.

But, how do you start?

If you are like most men, you think that once married, you don't need to seduce your wife any longer. You assume that whether you seduce her or not, she will still be lying beside you in bed every night for the rest of your life, right? Wrong.

If your lovemaking, like your relationship, has become boring and "blah", now it's time to do something about it. The real secret to spicing up your relationship is to bring back the excitement in your marriage. You need to start being spontaneous again.

Take this relationship advice and use some practical tips on how to seduce your wife.

Surprise Her

Seduce Your Wife

You're going to spend an evening out with friends. Wait until you're both fully dressed and ready to go, then start admiring how good she looks and how good she smells.

Squeeze her from behind and kiss her on the neck.

Don't stop here - make yourselves late.

Later, at the party, you will exchange complicity glances that will say more than a thousand words, which will further increase the chemistry in your relationship.

Cook Dinner for Her

Maybe you're not a great cook, so you don't think making dinner for her will work. You'll be surprised. Offer to make dinner and have a menu planned. She will let you cook - out of curiosity.

Here's a secret she won't tell you: because she knows you're struggling, she will find your efforts endearing. This will make her smile secretly, though she might not say much for fear of destroying the mood.

Serenade Her while She's in the Shower

As her boyfriend, you were probably romantic and eager to please her. You have said and done cheesy things that made your girlfriend giggle and swoon. Singing to her is cheesy but she will love it. In fact, she might just find your singing sexy enough to invite you inside.

Brag about Her to Her Friends

Flattery is the best way to seduce your wife, but you must do this covertly if you want it to be effective. Tell her friends how special she is, but be sure to make them promise not to tell her that you said so. You know how women are, right? She will know about it, but she won't thank you directly because she wasn't supposed to learn about your praise. She will find other ways to thank you though, and you want that.

Bring Her Flowers

Giving her flowers at special occasions is common. No, that doesn't mean to stop doing it. But flowers work particularly well if you also give them to her with no occasion at all, especially if you rarely see each other because of your work schedules. Surprise and seduce your wife by placing a single white rose on the table, or some other conspicuous place. Make sure to leave a note saying "I thought of you today, honey."

Pamper Her Before Going to Sleep

While she's preparing for sleep, take her comb and do her hair. Do it in front of the mirror so she can see your face while you pamper her. This might take her by surprise, particularly if she's tired and not in the mood for love making. Tell her you're serious about pampering her and you don't expect anything in return.

Massage Her Sore Muscles

While she's cooking or doing the dishes, calmly place both hands on her back and knead the taut muscles underneath. She will love it. Do this for a few minutes and then give her a soft kiss on the cheek. Afterward, act like it's not a big deal, so she won't feel that you're asking for something in return.

Being generous with your affection and making small efforts to seduce your wife is something she will greatly appreciate in ways you have never imagined! She knows you love her, of course. But as intimate couples, she wants to feel the kind of romance you shared while you were dating, years ago.

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