Secrets of Seduction: How Sensual Seduction Can Boost Your Love Life

Ever wished you could find an inexpensive way to seduce your woman? Sensual seduction is for intimate couples who want to intensify their physical intimacy, connect deeper and spice up their relationship without spending a lot.

Am I talking to you?

Yes, sensual seduction has always been associated with touch, but you must know that it involves more than touching and caressing. It also involves stimulating the other four senses: smell, sight, hearing and taste.

A good example of a place conducive to sensual seduction is a Spa. A Spa has scented candles, dim lights, warm oils and soothing music to relax you and your partner. Is a visit to the spa for the two of you not quite affordable? Or, perhaps you want more intimacy than a public place offers.

Then why not create your own Spa at home?

Creating a relaxing atmosphere with your lover is tricky if you live together, and you have company most of the time, like your kids, or relatives. However, if you let your imagination loose and don't mind the lingering scent of incense in your bedroom, you can easily create a venue for your own sensual seduction right at home.

You will need the following items:

  • scented candles
  • two big towels
  • a CD player and some jazz music CDs
  • incense (with holder)
  • massage oils and personal lubricant
  • a bowl of ice cubes
  • a box of chocolates
  • fresh strawberries or grapes (washed and arranged in a bowl)

How to Prepare for Sensual Seduction

Collect the things you will need during the week and prepare your bedroom on Saturday.

Sensual Seduction

Showing each other what you bought for your little bedroom date will increase your anticipation.

Show your partner your "finds" every night.

For example, you saw mint-flavored chocolate and you bought it because you know how exquisite its mixed aroma is.

However, avoid lovemaking during the week. Put it off until the very last minute for a really explosive ride.

You can build even more anticipation by sending each other sensual signals. A lingering touch, an 'accidental' skin-to-skin contact with your partner while you're preparing dinner or getting ready for bed greatly increase your sexual tension.

Six Steps to Sensual Seduction

All you need is a small room, two willing participants and a dash of daring;)

  1. Lock the bedroom door during Saturday night and start with an erotic massage. If your partner prefers a foot massage, indulge her. The key to a foot massaje or a hand massage is to take your time and focus on the joints and the fleshy parts of her palms or soles. Knead slowly, as these are very sensitive.
    Apply oil liberally. If the oil you bought is safe to apply on private parts, apply it at will, but don't initiate lovemaking just yet to prolong the tension. Just concentrate on the massage for now.

  2. Whenever you pause kneading her sore muscles, feed her some fruit, but save some for more juicy food trips later.

  3. If the incense burns out, don't break the mood by lighting another one. Just be content with the pervading aroma of incense inside your room. Put the CD on auto-repeat to minimize distractions.

  4. Massaging and kneading with warm essential oil can make her feel hot, literally. Vary the sensation by running ice cubes on her skin, particularly the tender skin on her inner thighs.

  5. Trace patterns on her back using ice cubes and your tongue. You can continue until the ice cube has melted, and then she can return the favor.

  6. Make sex as sensual as the foreplay by entering slowly and delicately, like you're opening the petals of a soft rose bud. The combination of this kind of sensual touch, erotic massage and aromatic oils will send your partner reeling. Your pleasure? Mind-blowing!

As you can see, these simple (and fun) activities are not expensive, but they work!

Sensual seduction makes you and your partner crave lovemaking more. Infusing your relationship with sensuality and romantic ideas will take your connection as intimate couples to new heights.

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