Three Practical Tips for Sexy Seduction to
Get it On with Women

What exactly is sexy seduction? And, how do sexy men act?

You might not realize, but the key to turn a woman on is to make her think "does this guy even know he's hot?" Knowing how to cultivate an aura of magnetism is one of the secrets of seduction and you're going to learn how to do that right now.

More exactly, you will learn how to be sexy without meaning to be sexy. Read on to find out how these three seduction tips can work for you.

Sexy Seduction Tip #1: Make a Good Start

Sexy Seduction

The first few minutes of conversation with a woman are crucial to getting her to become interested in you. Conversation doesn't mean only exchanging words, but also looks. Keep your gaze direct and let her break the contact first.

Observe also how she breaks the eye contact. Did she lower her eyes coyly? Did she smile and blush? As soon as you get her into that state, and she is now well aware of your presence, you can move in closer, touch her arm or simply say hello.

During the first few minutes that you're in direct contact with her, she will be sizing you up, looking for flaws and listening to your voice. Needless to say, you must have a good tonality and a pleasant smell. Clear your throat and spray breath freshener before you even approach her. Eating gum? Get rid of it before you talk to a woman.

Sexy Seduction Tip #2:
Sit and Stand Like You Own the Place

You must have heard how women prefer all-powerful men with money? This isn't exactly true, but it does tell you something. Women want to be with accomplished men, and having money and power is just a part of it.

One easy way of increasing your 'score' is to improve your posture and the nonverbal signals that you send out.

If you're a sharp guy, you won't be standing idly by, wiping your sweaty hands on your jeans. You won't be tapping your foot nervously while you scan the room. Remember, while you're doing all these things, women will be looking at you. You don't want her to tune you out for the rest of the evening just because you didn't look like someone she'd like to go out with.

Spread yourself on the couch and lean back. Move slowly and let your gaze idly scan the room while sporting a half smile. Make all these seem natural and you'll most likely lose your nervous appearance.

Sexy Seduction Tip #3: Socialize with Others

Don't hesitate to banter with everyone in the room. Also, spend time talking seriously with some people. Remember, women are checking you out, making sure that you're accepted socially.

Here's a secret. Women want to date popular men. They don't want guys who never socialized with anyone else. The women you want to attract have had their share of creepy men trying to just get inside their pants. You may want to get it on with her, but if you're not relaxed enough to socialize at a party or in a club, you will never be able to get her number!

Take one of these sexy seduction tips and see how it works for you. They will prevent you from acting clueless and messing up your chances of getting it on with the attractive woman that you like and seeing whether you have any chemistry with her or not.

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