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Can You Recognize Women's Signs of Flirting?
Do You Get Her Flirting Body Language?

Have you ever misinterpreted a woman's friendly behavior as meaningful signs of flirting? You are not alone! The flirting body language a woman uses when she's interested in you is not always easy to read - unless you know what to look for.

Do You Get Women's Signs of Flirting?

So, how do women flirt?

Well, they do it using ambiguous signals to test your intentions.


Well, because if a girl finds out that you are not interested, then she can always save face pretending not being flirtatious at all!

How deliciously feminine.

Just think about it.

A fleeting look, tossing of the hair, tilting the head, are all common flirting signals meant to communicate unspoken words and check your level of interest in the most dignified way.

Brilliant, isn't it? This is the female equivalent of guys' most romantic flirting behavior ALL girls are crazy about, texting flirtatious messages (you can download the free guide here) >>

Before giving you the list of top 10 types of female flirt signals, let's step back for a moment and take a look at the art of communication in flirting - so you have a solid foundation on the feminine body language in flirting, okay?

When it comes to communication, experts say 93% of it is nonverbal. We send nonverbal messages through unconscious body language and flirting signs to attract possible mates, or even to communicate a lack of interest.

You might think that a flirting body language is all about attracting sexual partners and sexual innuendo; but this is not true. Babies flirt with their parents to ensure survival and get what they want. Sales people flirt with their prospects. You surely had flirted to get a better table at the restaurant, a better seat for a show, and so on.

Flirting is an useful social lubricant reducing the friction of daily dealings. It's a subtle way to make others feel interested and open to doing us favors or to further interaction. So being able to read body language is vital in communicating with others and picking up tons of unspoken messages.

In fact, some of it is unintentional.

Signs of Flirting Research

Women's Signs of Flirting in Dating Relationships

When it comes to romantic interest, you can tell a lot about a woman's interest in you by observing her body language in flirting, which is usually unconsciously aimed at testing your value as a possible mate - or at causing renewed attention from an existent one.

However, once the communication is verbal, the flirting signs become intentional. For example, a common form of verbal flirting is the double entendre, i.e., a word or expression capable of two interpretations, one usually risqué. "Do you come here often?" is a question a woman will ask in a bar, if she's seriously interested.

But women's flirting signs aren't always this obvious. To know whether or not she's interested in you romantically or sexually, you must be fluent in deciphering her flirtatious body language: the way she stands, the way she sits, the way she leans forward and the way she moves say a lot about her intentions.

Isn't it amazing?

Our capacity to flirt and interpret flirting signs correctly is actually nothing more than a set of unconscious behaviors embedded deep in our psyche. If generations of ancestors hadn't done it well enough, we wouldn't be around to talk about it now.

There are many articles on the net about some of the women's signs of flirting or others, but you can find them all here organized in 10 types of flirt signals that women use - once you know them, you'll find them easy to spot in any situation.

But how do you, as a guy, communicate to a woman that you're interested in her without turning her off? Are you fluent in Alpha Male body language and talking to girls? If you aren't too sure what specific unspoken message your flirting body language sends to women, you might take a look at the failproof Flirting Formula >>

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