How Do You Spice Up Relationships and
Reignite the Passion of Love?

Are you like most men who want to learn how to spice up relationships? Do you miss the physical intimacy you once shared with your partner? Does she seem bored and worn-out? Do you make love less often than you'd like?

Spice Up Relationships

Knowing how to spice up relationships, create magic with your partner, get her excited and passionate again and again is a secret that few (fortunate) men know.

But it can be learned by anyone--and that includes YOU too!

By the end of this page, you will get some valuable tools as well!

Chemistry in relationships and sexual attraction spice up relationships, absolutely.

According to David Deida, internationally known for his work in the dynamics of intimate relationships, the force of attraction between the two poles of masculine and feminine energy tends to fade away in modern relationships. Why?

Because in today's society of politically correct equality and frequent role reversal, men are encouraged to take on additional responsibilities outside their jobs. Many men take on more and more house chores - may even stay home to take care of the kids - while their women are having demanding, successful full-time careers.

Before Learning to Spice Up Relationships... must understand this.

If you are a man trying to fit in with a feminine style of cooperation and energy flow, you may easily disconnect from your sense of purpose - which has so much sex appeal for women.

As a result, you may become less focused on your goals and less determined to attain them. You start to act from a will to accommodate others vs. accomplish your own mission. You may become resentful and less thoughtful in the process.

Your woman unconsciously picks up the energy shift and automatically (and unwillingly) compensates, acting more masculine. She struggles and she strives to achieve. She performs. She competes. She conforms to 'company politics' and may have to kick corporate ass.

No wonder her feminine energy dries up... she may even turn into a bossy, controlling partner at home. She becomes irritable and hard to satisfy - no matter what YOU are doing...

You may be surprised, but even though this role reversal is encouraged in today's world, it leaves both you and your partner frustrated and unfulfilled. How so, you ask?

Well, as you probably know, men naturally need appreciation and to live at the edge, while women need to be filled with love.

But, in your new roles, both of you are less likely to get your needs met. Life becomes a continuous, mediocre 'blah...'

So, as a Man, How Do You Spice Up Relationships?

Here are a few tips that many intimate couples use with great success:

  • Consciously plan to spend fun time together
  • Have regular weekly dates away from home
  • Change your routines and go somewhere new
  • Have a 2-3 day get-away every few weeks
  • Have romantic candlelight dinners more often
  • Make an effort to spend regular time alone together

Seduce your wife and keep things exciting for her - you will not regret it!

To spice up relationships means to make time for intimacy and to look for opportunities to spoil and even pamper your partner. Let her relax while you do the dishes after dinner now and then... Prepare her a bath with aromatic scents once a week... Take your time and give her a full-body massage every once in a while...

Make your partner laugh as often as you can and don't hesitate to show her affection in public - she will literally melt.

Nothing helps more to spice up relationships than playing some fun, romantic games. Let's face it, sex loses its spark over time. Give a bit of zing to your lovemaking the easy way with Michael Webb's "100 Great Sex Games For Couples".

The world's most romantic man, the author of this popular romantic games e-book teaches you step-by-step how to bring back the fire to the bedroom and to spice up relationships with romantic games. They can range from sweet to naughty, to wild if you both enjoy it!

No wonder he's called "Oprah's Love Expert", "America's Romance Expert", "The Martha Stewart of Romance" and other interesting monikers.

Check it out today, you might have a weekend of passion ahead...

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