Six Tips on Kissing Your Girlfriend to
Avoid Embarrassing Yourself

Tips on kissing? Nah, I'm not at my first kiss...

Well, if you went out for a date that you think went well, kissed the girl at the end, but she's not returning your calls, the reason could be... right under your nose, literally.

Tips On Kissing

You should know that kissing is one of the deal-breakers in the beginning of a relationship. However, if you have soft lips and are a great kisser, you will score many 'good points' to use as a credit when needed.

Believe it or not, the first kiss is the most important one you will ever share with your girlfriend. It's so memorable that you and your girl will probably talk about it on your wedding day, on your anniversaries and on your child's wedding day.

Pressured yet?

If you want to avoid embarrassing yourself when you first kiss her, here are some basic tips on kissing to help you out.

Tips on Kissing: #1. Check Your Breath

The best way to check your breath is by holding a palm over your mouth and exhaling. However, you don't want to do this in front of your date. Excuse yourself and check your breath inside the restroom.

Are You a Smoker?

If you smoke, make sure you brush your teeth, or at least use mouthwash or mints. Cigarette smoke has a way of making your breath stink even after you brush, so make sure you have a small bottle of mouthwash when you go on a date.

Gargle with water or mouth wash whenever you can during your date. Your first kiss needs to be spontaneous, and you don't want to be caught with bad breath or with salsa stuck between your teeth when she feels the urge to kiss you!

Tips on Kissing: #2. Grooming

Groom your beard by trimming the sides or shaving it off. If you want to keep your goatee, you can trim around a tiny patch under your lower lip.

Facial hair tickles (or causes rash!) so make sure your beard and mustache are nicely groomed before you go smooching.

Use a lip balm. No, it's not lipstick; it's a girl magnet ;)

While you're talking, she will be looking at your mouth, your eyes, the way you move your lips. You don't want her to see dry, cracking lips that she wouldn't want to kiss. You want her to see plump and red lips moisturized to perfection.

Tips on Kissing: #3. Muscle Control

When you kiss, parts of your facial muscles move. You have to control all of them, which isn't difficult at all. While the kiss is starting, keep your tongue relaxed. Pucker your lips as you move your mouth so her lips are touching yours the whole time.

I did say "touching", right? Avoid biting and sucking her lips (or tongue, for that matter), at least in the beginning, until you know better what she likes. You don't want your date looking like she got punched in the mouth, do you?

Tips on Kissing: #4. Don't Drool

Remember the tip on mouth muscle control. You need to make sure your mouth does not slacken while you're kissing to prevent drooling. You don't want to have to explain to her how you ruined her dress with your saliva, so make sure you pucker up to keep from drooling all over her while her eyes are closed.

A woman should never have to wipe her mouth after being kissed!

Tips on Kissing: #5. Tongue Work

When it comes to tongue, tease, then pull back. The idea is to play with each other's tongue, not to reach for each other's tonsils. Kissing also isn't a dental check up, so avoid using your tongue like your dentist would (in and out of teeth crevices).

Remember the ABC's of kissing:

  • Always Be Caressing her tongue with yours
  • Always Be Coaxing her to kiss some more, and
  • Always Be Cajoling her to participate in the kiss

Tips on Kissing: #6. Braces

If either or both of you wear braces, you need to be careful. Don't press too hard against her lips and go soft and slow. Going slow will make sure you don't cut yourself on each other's braces. 

There's no need to worry about your first kiss, just let it happen naturally. Follow these six basic tips on kissing and be the guy she dreams about after your date. Your first kiss will always be a great memory if you do it right.

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