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3 Easy Tips to Seduce Women!

Have you noticed how most tips to seduce women tell you the things to do while you're making love to her? But how to seduce a woman actually refers to everything that you do to charm her before she's ready to make love with you.

That's why here, we discuss 3 seduction tips that help you prepare for seduction. Turning a woman on might look easy in theory, but the reality is you have to be prepared mentally and emotionally first, if you want to be effective.

So let's get down to it.

Tips to Seduce Women: #1. One Woman at a Time

Before anything else, make sure you're mentally there for the one woman you want.

Think of the ideal woman you want to meet tonight and prepare for that. Typically, this should be a part of your routine before you step out of the house. Why? Because you must be able to fine tune your conversation specifically to that woman's type and be ready to charm her off her feet.

You must understand this.

Tips To Seduce Women

When you go out, it's easy to get distracted by the other women around if you're not totally tuned in the woman you are with.

But if you have a clear idea of what type of woman you will be approaching before going out, it will be much easier to focus on her only when you are together.

You won't get distracted craning your neck at all the girls passing by or exchanging sidelong glances with other women.

Listen. If you took the time to understand women in relationships, you know that nothing is more infuriating than talking to a man whose looks and mind are on someone else, so make sure you do this right.

Tips to Seduce Women: #2. Check Your Mood

Pressure and stress at work, solving problems all day can easily turn you into a smart ass or an insensitive macho. Before going out to meet women make sure you're not completely inside in your head, tired or worn out.

Before you can actually seduce women, you have to make sure they're attracted to you, right? Without this, none of the other tips to seduce women will help.

So what can you do?

Don't fall into the sea of guys who only start warming up when they're in a bar or at a party. Go to places that will get you into a social state of mind before, even if for only 20 minutes or so. Try the mall, the grocery store, or a place with both men and women going around. Say hello (if they work there) and smile at some while walking.

Or, you can go to a café and chat up the barista.

Being around other people and socializing before you start to seduce a woman will help you understand what do women want and get into the right mood.

Getting in a conversation with a woman while you're crabby, sleepy, thinking about problems at work, or after too much computer time, you'll only turn her off and blow your chances of getting her to make love to you.

Tips to Seduce Women: #3. Make the First Few Seconds Count

Remember how to talk to girls and think of what you're going to say during the first few seconds. Approach her in a smooth manner and charm her with style.

Make sure you are aware of current events and hot topics. How do you know which topics are hot? Well, just look on the net at the top headlines. You don't have to know all the details of every news item, but must be able to talk about that topic.

Sometimes, a woman will be the one to approach you. She will be the one to ask about something. So you don't even have to think of a topic and how to start a conversation, but get ready for the hello, and a witty rejoinder. Make her the center of your attention and drop subtle, but clear hints about your intentions. 

Ignore any of these 3 tips to seduce women and you'll waste your chances of getting it on with the one you want. But make these tips a lifestyle habit and use them whenever you go clubbing or partying with your friends and you'll be irresistible! It will be much easier to seduce the woman you like into making love the first time.

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