How to Solve
Trust Issues in Relationships

Are you experiencing trust issues in relationships - even when no one is cheating? Whether through unreliability, broken promises or lying, the loss of trust seriously damages your relationship.

Trust Issues In Relationships

If two people are to live well together under one roof, a certain level of trust must be maintained.

Trust makes you secure about your future and gets the whole family through problems when they arise.

Obviously, your belief in your partner's capability to help you build a good life is at risk when that trust is destroyed.

Real trust takes a long time to develop so it's a shame when you see people drifting apart due to trust issues in relationships. 

If the broken trust is due to infidelity, before you and your partner decide to split up, you should know that rebuilding trust after an affair IS possible.

But even when there was no affair, regaining trust may be difficult initially, because hurt and disappointment take the place of commitment in your relationship. However, all is not lost. Both you and your spouse must work together to regain the level of trust you need to go on as a couple.

Read on.

4 Basic Tips for Solving Trust Issues in Relationships

1) Be Patient

Some people recover fast, while some need more time to mend a damaged pride or a broken heart. Forgiving and forgetting are two separate things; one must come before the other. Only when your partner has learned to forgive you and forget about the mistake you made will you be able to regain the strength of your relationship.

Until then, be patient and hope for the best.

2) Be Credible

If your partner is willing to give you a second chance, be thankful and make it count. Show her that you are dependable by going out of your way to keep your promises. Fulfill the tasks you volunteered for (even if it's just taking out the trash every night).

Your partner is still vulnerable after the fight, and you need to continue reassuring her with actions rather than words that she can again trust you to keep your promises.

3) Keep Your Promises

Don't make promises you can't keep. While your first instinct might be to promise her the world to obtain forgiveness, you also have to be realistic about what you promise her. Don't promise something you know you won't be able to fulfill.

Failing to keep your promise when the trust is broken creates deeper trust issues in relationships that might be unsolvable. Make sure you keep your promises simple and attainable to stay out of trouble.

4) Listen and Communicate Your Needs

Listen carefully to what your partner is telling you and express your thoughts and feelings fully so there are no more misunderstandings.

If you think an argument is not worth having, tell her. You cannot communicate well if you both are set on fighting. Do you remember the old adage "less talk, less mistakes"? It applies when you and your partner cannot calm down enough to lend each other an ear.

Trust issues in relationships arise frequently, you can't really avoid them, especially during the second stage of any relationship - the stage of common relationship problems.

To get out of trouble fast it's vital you get skilled first at solving these trust issues and apply three advanced relationship principles >>

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