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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her: Delight Your Woman and Take Her by Surprise with these Valentine’s Day Romantic Ideas!

How to Make Your Woman Melt in 3 min. or Less!
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These Valentine’s Day ideas for her are inspired by Michael Webb, called the World’s Most Romantic Man in media all around the world. He’s been teaching men the fine art of romance for two decades now and has written over a dozen books on relationships, so he knows a thing or two about Valentine’s Day romantic ideas to delight your sweetheart ;)

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

According to him, even if the girl you want to seduce is cold or distant from you,  you can have her in your arms tonight.

How? By pushing her romantic buttons.

Yeah, I hear you gasp.

Most women don’t tell men what their unique “romantic buttons” are (no, not red roses, fancy chocolate or dinner at a snazzy restaurant - these are all generic).  But when you know what they are you simply can’t go wrong.

Before downloading the 101 Ways to Be Romantic with Her where you’ll find some of the best Valentine’s Day creative ideas, let me say this.

If you think that there’s only one day out of the year when you should play out your Valentine’s Day ideas for her, you are missing the picture.

The romantic traditions of this holiday were probably kept by women since the Middle Ages because it was the only time in the year when the men in their lives would do anything special for them.

So remember this.

EVERY DAY is a great day…

…to do something creative for the woman you love. It will melt her heart. Something magical, a sweetly something when she’s not expecting it. After all, nothing's hotter than a romantic man!

Looking for unique days to surprise your sweetheart?

Try to celebrate on days that would show you put a bit of thought into it. Something meaningful, like…

  • the longest day of the year (June 20)
  • the first day of Spring (around 20-21 March)
  • 6 months after her birthday (6 months until her next)
  • the anniversary of your first date 

You get the idea.

And don't even begin to think in your head that you’d have to spend a fortune to romance your woman. Here are 10 romantic ideas for men that you won't have to spend one penny - because...

...Being Romantic isn’t About Materialistic Things

Romance is more about small kindnesses, meaningful communication and heartfelt connection.

It's the little things that win her heart and score you big points with her.

Thoughtful things like…

Slow dance together on her favorite music

Give her looong and tender bear hugs - here's how to do it: keep your hands in one spot, focus on your sense of touch only and give her all of yourself

Take her car for a clean-up

Cook dinner and do the dishes (when it’s NOT your turn)

Be funny (extra points if you can laugh at yourself)

Watch her favorite movie together (try to enjoy it)

Spend 20 minutes to massage her feet with a body cream, rubbing each and every toe very slowly but firmly and thoroughly

Buy one of her favorite treats on your way home

Draw her a bubble bath and wash her hair (she might invite you to join)

Write a “Top 10 Things I Love About You” list (include a few of her quirks) and place it on her pillow

Compliment her in front of her friends - appreciation is what women want to hear a LOT

Meet in the park, at a cafe or restaurant for a date

Cover the house in heart-shaped post-it cute love notes for when she wakes up or gets home

Make small talk sexy and make her laugh, practicing conversation escalation

Serenade her with a love song or her favorite piece while she’s in the shower (she might just pull you in)

Fix something around the house without being asked

Whisper sweet nothings in her ear when you're out in public

These are just a few ideas. If you want more...

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