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Wondering What Do Women Want?
Don't Miss This Hack If You Want To Succeed With Women & Always Make Women Want You

Quick Tip: How to "Crack the girl code" and know how women think & how to make them happy - if you want to succeed with women, this is what it takes.

How many times have you asked yourself, What do women want?? What makes them tick? Are you banging your head against the wall trying to solve the puzzle of how to make women want you?

Wondering What Do Women Want?

You are not alone! Just like you, most men are puzzled about:

  • How women think

  • What they want to hear

  • What they want in  men

  • What they want from men

  • What they want in bed

  • What women dislike

These are all valid questions that we get all the time from guys just like you. They're all about what women want when it comes to relationships - and you'll find detailed answers to these questions below.

If you just want a quick, all-encompassing answer, you? are going to get a hopeless one.


Because you'll get a never-ending, seemingly whimsical list of female wants. Wants which differ greatly depending on various factors like a woman's age, upbringing, education, local cultural norms, personal values, previous life challenges and so on.

I bet you want a smarter, more practical approach to understanding how women think.

If you want to really get into the female mind and make total sense of female psychology, you can get the closest thing to a "cheat code" to finding out how to make women want you.

Cheat code??

Yup. Stop trying to figure it all out by yourself - get the secret girl code that will make any woman fall in love with you (perhaps all over again) instead of ignoring you, keeping you in the "friend zone" - or even laughing at you?

My good friend Michael Fiore (whom you might have heard about, as he's a top relationship expert featured regularly on TV) made this bizarre video about understanding women - literally cracking the girl code:

Cheat Code for What Women Want

I bet you haven't seen anything weirder than this!

Or, take your time and discover what women want through the series of articles below.

These articles may not speak to ALL men; but if you're smart, driven, honest and want to build a solid relationship with an awesome woman, read on to get a better sense of what women want and how to make women want you - after all, knowledge is power.

Let's start with...

How Women Think

They let their imagination go wild with (sometimes futile) WHY-NOTs and WHAT-IFs. Different than us, HOW-TOs are not necessarily their strength. Most of the times they have conflicting thoughts about men, relationships, their work,  parents, children, food... about pretty much everything.

Here's more about how women think >>

What Do Women Want in Men?

If you think that what they want in men is looks, or smarts, or money, or power (or all of them), think again. Some shallow women do, it's true.

But the type of woman with whom you'd want to have a solid, long-term relationship is after something deeper than that. You might be shocked at what women want in men >>

What Do Women Want from Men?

Believe it or not, a woman will go to Earth's end with you and for you if you can make her feel safe in the relationship. How to make her feel safe, you ask?

Find out the two simple things that ALL women want from men >>

What are the Things Women Dislike?

What's the point to knowing what women want if you don't know what they dislike the most? Are you doing any of these things to ruin the relationship you worked so hard to build?
Make sure you don't miss this info:

What Do Women Want to Hear?

Well, this pretty much depends on what kind of women we are talking about and what kind of relationship you want to have with them.

For example, if you’ are looking for a long-term, deeply rewarding relationship or are in a relationship that could be improved and want to learn what women want to hear (exciting, smart, beautiful women who will love and respect you for who you are), here's what these women want to hear >>

What Women Want in Bed

You may have heard that what they want in bed is a more sensual, unrushed foreplay. You may also know that they hate it when you just fall asleep after making love without cuddling and kissing, right?

But do you know exactly what do women want in between?

Whether you've been married for years or are in a new relationship, is never too late to discover what your partner wants in bed and the huge difference between having sex and making love. You'd better find out exactly what women want in bed >>

Understanding Women in Relationships

After you read everything you can find on the Net about what women want, remember that understanding YOUR woman and her personal preferences and needs is much more important than all the tips you could find on a website.

So pay attention, ask her, try out some things, get her feedback and adjust as you go. That's what it really takes to understand women in relationships.

Undoubtedly, it will take you some time to figure it all out.

Want a shortcut?

A super-quick way of knowing what women want - a failproof method to making sure you won't be ignored, put in the "friend zone" or worse, laughed at?

Then take a look at Michael's Crack the Girl Code now - it will save you tons of time and heartache >>

When it comes to quickly understand what do women want, I think this is the most practical guide. You'll not only be able to make sense of it all (finally), you’ll feel like you have a PhD in women!

How cool is that??

And if you're currently single, you won't stay single for long. You will enjoy applying these tips with any woman you dream dating. Click below to...

Get Your PhD in Women!


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