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Do You Know What Women Want from Men? Discover How Women Think & the 2 Things Required of You

You'll discover here not only what women want from men, but answers to your questions about how women think, feel, and the specific skills and techniques you may need to develop if you want to succeed with women and build rewarding relationships.

Discover What Women Want From Men

Do you often wonder what do women want from men?

The short answer is this: security and safety - physically and emotionally.

Different than men, who are wired to search relentlessly for freedom and justice, women are wired to search for protection and security before they’re able to feel safe in a relationship and express their nourishing gifts of LOVE.

Believe it or not, a woman will go to Earth’s end with and for you if you can make her feel safe and secure physically and emotionally in your relationship.

When you do, she’ll typically respond with openness and affection spontaneously. Beyond being sexually available to you, she becomes able to trust, respect and admire you – isn’t this what YOU want from her?

But hold on, you say. Providing protection, safety and security to a woman… these are too vague and abstract.

You’re right. They are vague and abstract to most guys; no wonder that what women want from men is not easy to understand – and even harder to provide.

But stay with me here - what follows will bring you the clarity you need. By the end of this page you’ll know exactly what to do if you want to succeed with women and how to provide the two tangible things that a woman wants from a man in a long-term relationship: connection and commitment.

Let’s look closer at each to better understand how women think and how to give them what they want and need - without losing your integrity and masculinity in the process.

What Women Want from Men: #1. Meaningful Connection

For women, meaningful connection means emotional connection and tenderness. Once you recognize that women have an emotional life deeper than men, it’s not hard to understand why having a strong emotional connection with their partner equals getting love and support from him.

Just think about it. When a woman loves you, she gives herself to you completely – body, mind and soul; when she feels loved and supported by you, she feels protected by you and emotionally secure with you.

In contrast, when you fail to cultivate and deepen your connection on a regular basis, she starts to feel unloved and uncared for. She starts to feel unsure about your love for her - and even doubt herself. This is the biggest destroyer of emotional intimacy in relationships; once the emotional intimacy is gone, you get estranged, conflicts multiply and magnify, sexual intimacy is destroyed, you fall out of love and the relationship fails.

But if you are willing to put in the effort to develop your emotional smarts you can easily prevent this from happening – even reverse the falling out of love.

Here are some basic tips to...

...Strengthen the Emotional Connection with the Woman You Love

Emotional connection means:

  1. being empathic,
  2. staying present to her difficult emotions, and
  3. showing that you care about her.
What Women Want From Men: Connection at the Emotional, Verbal & Physical Levels

1. Empathy is the ability to see the world through your partner's eyes, get her perspective, read her moods and understand the emotional impact of the important experiences she goes through in her daily life at home, at school, at work, with family, friends and colleagues.

Without your understanding of the emotional impact of her experiences your woman will feel alone, neglected and disconnected from you.

Don't underestimate the importance of developing empathy - it is one of the most important people skills you need in ALL of your relationships, at work, with family and friends. Empathy is a valuable skill that skyrockets your happiness in life.

2. Staying present to a woman's difficult emotions
means being okay with her expressing these emotions and not take it personally. Whether it's sadness, doubt, fear, anger, crying - it means to remain centered through her "emotional storms" without judging, criticizing, withdrawing, or trying to fix her; despite the intensity, she’s not attacking you and she isn’t brokenshe’s just being a woman.

3. Showing that you care about her means being interested in her as a person, in the things that she's interested in and that she deals with daily. It also means sharing yourself, joking around, speaking of her like you’re the president of her fan club – your proud PR will strengthen your bond tremendously!

Learn to appreciate and acknowledge verbally whatever you can about her, as often as you can - that's what women want from men who say they care. Does this mean you have to agree with her on everything? No – it only means to validate her feelings and to resist your natural tendency to “fix” her emotional experience.

When you care about her, tenderness should come naturally: hold her hand, gently touch her face, put your hand on her back, around her shoulders, hug her in a non-sexual way - these are the most basic expressions of your affection that make a  huge difference to your sweetheart.

When you become able to connect meaningfully with your partner in the ways described above, she becomes able to trust you to a deeper level; when she does, she willingly surrenders to your masculine presence and the effect on your intimacy are immediate and mind-blowing - try it and see for yourself!

What Women Want from Men: #2. Wholehearted Commitment

Commitment is the foundation of any rewarding relationship. Mutual commitment  aligns your actions and attitudes as a couple, building an incredibly powerful and loving bond between the two of you.

What Women Want From Men: Wholehearted Commitment

Commitment always makes your partner feel safe and protected.

Unless not ready for commitment herself, a woman will insist on a man’s commitment to her and their relationship when they start sharing their lives together.

Don’t scoff at this; for women it’s just biological wiring at play.

Think about it.

Unlike men who have about 50-60 years to procreate (the biological reason for a heterosexual love relationship), women have only about 20 years available for a risk-free pregnancy and child birth. Why would she invest her time with someone that may be gone at any moment?

When you look at it like this, it just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Keep in mind that commitment is not just about marriage. It often starts as a simple agreement between the two of you when you decide explicitly and unambiguously to have a permanent, exclusive relationship. Mutual commitment is making a conscious choice to invest yourself wholeheartedly in a relationship – body, mind, heart and soul.

It means…

  • making each other a priority and aligning your personal goals with the goals of your couple as a whole

  • being trustworthy (i.e., honest, reliable and responsible)

  • discussing your expectations, negotiating your needs and wants about living together, household chores, managing finances, sex life, work, holidays, children, each other's family & friends

  • helping each other and cooperating effectively towards the greatest good of your relationship 

  • finding the middle ground without sacrificing yourself and what's important to you

  • respectful and truthful communication - even when you disagree or when what needs to be said is uncomfortable

  • being there for each other and staying together not only through the good, but also through the challenging  times.

To wrap it up, remember this.

Commitment is about much more than sexual exclusivity. Living together, spending your time and money together, making plans for the future, meeting each other's friends and family - are all committed actions. These actions typically make your partner feel that you are mentally and emotionally committed - perhaps even ready to take the natural next step: committing formally, exchanging vows and rings publicly.

What if you honestly love your partner and... 

...Want to Stay in a Relationship but Resist Committing Fully?

Fear of commitment is a serious issue in love relationships. Although men are typically more scared of commitment, both genders face it. Dealing with it successfully so you can stop wasting your time and take your relationship to the next level requires wisdom and proper training.

Are you in a place in your relationship where finding out how to dismantle the blocks to commitment could boost the trust, intimacy and love you share with your partner?

Then you’ll want to take a look at Amy Waterman’s Connect and Commit.

This is an anxiety-busting guide for those wanting to deepen commitment from any point of a relationship.

Could this be helpful to you?

I’d say that Connect and Commit is mandatory reading for anyone wanting to avoid common mistakes, like committing to the wrong person or for the wrong reasons and achieve mutual commitment in a short amount of time.

Connect and Commit Program: Boost the Trust, Intimacy & Love in Your Relationship!

Connect and Commit: How to Provide What Women Want from Men

Whether you’re single and looking for love, or wanting to take your current relationship to the next level and skyrocket your love life, you’ll want to see what Amy has to share with you in this popular and well-thought-out program now >>



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